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Acoustic guitar course (summer interest class)

木結他課程 guitar

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Acoustic guitar course (summer interest class)

Parkland Music provides professional guitar classes and wooden guitar teaching courses, suitable for those who are interested in learning guitar. The guitar and wooden guitar teaching courses at this music school are taught by famous guitar teachers and wooden guitar instructors. There are many branches such as Central, Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan, etc. where you can learn guitar.

New students who register for the 2024 summer courses this month can also enjoy the "first class is free" discount!

Basic course information

- Individual professors

-Eight classes per issue

- You can choose songs suitable for students’ level according to their preferences

Free discount for the first session

- Freshmen who enroll in 8 or more classes this month can enjoy the first class for free!

- This offer cannot overlap with other offers

Or get a musical instrument discount

- Hobby class with 8 musical instrument lessons including a wooden guitar part

- This offer cannot overlap with other offers

*New students can only choose one of the offers

Basic entry-level musical instruments
  • Brand: Gysen
  • Model: GS-4000 wooden guitar
  • Original price of musical instrument: $1288
  • Features:

- One of the most popular styles for beginners

- Gysen color-polished guitars require color-polishing technicians to carry out multiple color-polishing processes, leaving many traces of life on the original plain appearance, giving each piece a unique face.

- The panel is made of imported Engelmann spruce, characterized by bright, sharp, mature tone, and the mid-range is richer than the common Sitka spruce

- Use rosewood fingerboard, which has high hardness and can adapt to various environments

- Color: blue (actually greenish), red, washed black

Performance opportunities

  • Can be arranged to participate in the Band
  • After completing 8 classes, you can participate in the Parkland student show (normally about once a quarter) with the consent of the instructor

Beginner Guitar Course

  • Guitar playing posture and hand shape
  • Understand guitar tablature and fingering
  • Basic music theory
  • Basic playing skills such as strumming Chord, hooking, and sliding
  • Basic chords
  • Basic Scales & Arpeggios
  • Simple arrangement
  • Basic chord progression Chord Progression
  • Guitar maintenance and string changing
  • You can choose a class of 30, 45 or 60 minutes

Intermediate Guitar Course

  • Economy picking, Harmonics and other intermediate playing skills
  • Intermediate chords (high-position chords, extended chords, etc.)
  • Intermediate Scales & Arpeggios
  • Intermediate Arranger
  • Study different playing styles (Pop, Rock, Blues, Funk, etc.)
  • Voice arrangement
  • Transposition
  • Harmonic scale
  • Improvisation
  • You can choose 45 or 60 minutes per class

Advanced Guitar Course

  • Advanced Scales & Arpeggios
  • Chord substitution & Jazz chords
  • Advanced Improvisation Skills Improvisation
  • Introduction to Mode
  • Advanced playing skills such as Tapping, Sweep picking, and line tapping
  • Jazz playing style
  • Key skills and speed training
  • Non-standard tuning Alternative tuning
  • Advanced Improvisation
  • You can choose 45 or 60 minutes per class

Should guitar lessons be 30, 45 or 60 minutes?

- 30-minute course: more suitable for children under 5 years old and with weak concentration. It is recommended that other students choose 45-minute or 60-minute guitar lessons to learn faster and more effectively.

- 45-minute course: about 15 minutes to review the previous guitar lesson and teacher’s comments, 25 minutes to learn guitar song skills (you can choose your own songs), and 5 minutes to answer classmates’ questions

- 60-minute course: about 15 minutes to review the previous guitar lesson and teacher’s comments, 40 minutes to learn guitar song skills (you can choose your own songs), 5 minutes to answer students’ questions

- A 60-minute course will take you twice as long to learn new skills as a 45-minute course, so you will naturally learn more effectively! If students are determined and perseverant to learn guitar well, don’t think too much and choose the 60-minute class!


- Online freshmen registration can only register for eight individual, one-on-one guitar courses in one session.

- Please select the level and payment first, and then you can choose the school branch and time of class. You can choose the time!

- After registration, a dedicated person will contact you immediately to arrange attendance. 👍🏻

- First-time registration will be charged a one-time registration administration fee of $50

Contact us

Parkland Music has more than 50 branches throughout Hong Kong, providing comprehensive professional guitar and wooden guitar teaching courses. If you are interestedto learn more about our guitar courses, you are welcome to Whatsapp 26609138, or go directly to our branch Contact us.

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