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Casio PX-S3000|Keyboard

<transcy>Casio PX-S3000|Keyboard</transcy>
<transcy>Casio PX-S3000|Keyboard</transcy>
<transcy>Casio PX-S3000|Keyboard</transcy>
<transcy>Casio PX-S3000|Keyboard</transcy>

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Casio Privia series digital pianos have always been very popular among users. Compared with the PX-S1000 model, the PX-S3000 comes with a graphic LCD screen, a two-channel MIDI recorder, 700 tones and 200 rhythms, two assignable knobs that can control built-in effects and other parameters, making your performance much more better!


- Slimmest hammer-action digital piano in the world*

Making the most of Casio’s compact construction technologies, the new Privia is significantly slimmer (20% slimmer depth than the previous model). The wedge-shaped case side highlight the slim design.

- Simple, stylish design for superior playability

With a clear, glossy finish and flat design with no protruding buttons, the LED operation panel features graphical touch sensors. The simple design focuses on the advanced functions, drawing attention to the keyboard and making it easier to concentrate on your performance.

- The Multi - dimensional Morphing AiR sound source for beautiful, rich sounds reminiscent of a grand piano

Reacting naturally to your playing dynamics: In addition to the changes in volume and tone that are dependent on the force used to play the keys, the tone heard throughout sustained notes has been dramatically improved for an even more expressive sound and authentic sound.

Sympathetic string resonance exposes the harmonic relationships between vibrating strings, while damper resonance simulates the string release when the damper pedal is depressed. You’ll even hear mechanical key sounds when playing with an exceptionally light touch or by removing a finger from a key, just like playing a real grand piano.

- The newly developed Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard dramatically reduces size without compromising playing feel.

The new Privia delivers a significant reduction in the size of the action mechanism that simulates the weight of the hammers in a grand piano. In a slim body just 232mm deep, the keyboard offers a natural touch reminiscent of grand piano in an amazingly compact form.

- Key Off Response allows fast note repetition

The note off timing is digitally controlled based on the movement of the keys during release. When hitting the same tone repeatedly, the next note can be produced before the key returns to its topmost position.

- 88-Key Digital Scaling realizes a grand piano-like touch

The touch of a grand piano varies with the differences in size and weight of the hammers over each of the 88 keys. The new Privia models deliver the feeling of playing a grand piano through a meticulous key-by-key digital simulation of these subtle differences in touch.

- Simulated ebony and ivory keys with optimal fingertip fit for playing ease

Simulated ebony and ivory keys inhibit finger slippage due to sweat and produce the sensation of a comfortable fingertip fit that lasts even through extended sessions.

-Chordana Play for Piano app provides users a smart and easy-to-use operation

Connect your Privia to your smart device, and easily access settings and additional features.

- Upgraded version of PX-S1000

Casio Privia series digital pianos have always been very popular among users. Compared with the PX-S1000 model, the PX-S3000 comes with a graphic LCD screen, a two-channel MIDI recorder, 700 tones and 200 rhythms, two assignable knobs that can control built-in effects and other parameters.


Only black

Free piano stand and bench at original price of $388 are included​

This X-Stand movable piano stand can easily adjust the piano body to a suitable height for playing, which is convenient and flexible! It can be folded for easy storage, easy to adjust the height, and the bottom non-slip design is safer.

Don't think that ordinary chairs can replace piano stools! A height-adjustable piano bench can be described as a necessity for playing. The chair surface of this piano stool is moderately hard and soft, which can support you for a long time of practice; the simple and high-level design can more flexibly fit your needs; the non-slip chair foot design is safer.

Detailed specifications​

  • Volume: 132.2 (W) x 23.2 (D) x 10.2 (H) cm
  • Weight: Approximately 11.4 kg (excluding batteries)
  • Number of keys: 88
  • Display screen: LED, English
  • Touch key sensitivity: 5
  • Number of built-in rhythms: 200
  • Pitch bend wheel pitch range: 0 to 24 semitones
  • Two knob components (preset knob function): 14
  • Metronome: Yes
  • Speakers: 16 cm x 8 cm (ellipse) x 2
  • Amplifier output: 8W + 8W
  • Transpose: –12 to 0 to +12 semitones
  • Recording: real-time recording and playback
  • Comes with pedal, AC adaptor, music stand

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