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Gysen SA-4000|Colored  Acoustic Guitar

Gysenjeans 擦色結他 紅色 red
Gysenjeans 擦色結他 藍色 blue
Gysenjeans 擦色結他 Levites bag 結他袋

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Gysen acoustic guitar with the hand-painted style is one of the most popular guitars for beginners. The panel is made of imported Engelmann Spruce.

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Editor’s comment

"I never thought that a guitar at this price can own this sound. After the trial, I was very impressed by the quality of guitars under $1,000! This quality is really "Wow" to me. I have tried singing and playing fingerstyle songs, and they are all suitable. The chord sweeping sound is very clear, and the string sound is very natural when I was snapping. The most surprising part is that its surface is rubbed very naturally, and the wood grain is clearly visible. It's so pretty, so pretty!"

Body materia
Use spruce wood panels and Meranti bottom side panels.

Gysen uses imported Engelman spruce, which grows in the mountains of western North America. It is light in weight, soft in texture, straight in vein, light yellow in color, and not easy to darken. It is characterized by bright, sharp, and mature sound, and the alto part is also richer than the common Sitka spruce.
The warm-up time of the spruce is longer compared the others. However, the longer time the player uses it, the better performance of the guitar's sound can reach. Spruce is generally used for the top of mid-to-high-end guitars, producing the crisp sound, which is suitable for chord sweeping and self-play-self-sing.
Meeranti is the Indonesian name of the wood belonging to the genus Shorea. Another common name for Meranti is Lauan. This type of wood is sometimes called Philippine Mahogany (Philippine Mahogany). Melanti has a hard woody texture and a crisp and translucent tone. It is generally used as a substitute for mahogany. The famous Japanese brand YAMAHA uses this material as the back and side panels for some entry-level guitars.

Color rubbing process
Gysen's color-rubbing guitar was processed with multiple color-rubbing steps by the color-rubbing experts. The traces of life on the original appearance give a unique face to each work.

Fingerboard material
The rosewood fingerboard has a high intensity of hardness and can adapt to various environments.

Retro denim blue, blue (actually greenish), red

Detailed specifications
  • Size: 40 inches
  • Numbers of fingerboard: 22
  • Panel: Spruce
  • Side Panel: Meranti
  • Back Panel: Meranti
  • Cutaway: Yes
  • Tuning Pegs: Closed imitated ebony knob
  • String pillow: PPS (plastic steel)
  • Fingerboard: rosewood/Senna siamea
  • String: Gysen
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Levites original guitar bag with a large front zipper bag for convenient storage, can put music scores, Tuner and other things, and there are hand straps on the front and side for easy carrying. The thickened padding can effectively protect the guitar.

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