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Janny JC100|21" Soprano Ukulele

Janny JC-100 Ukulele
Janny JC-100 Ukulele 琴頸
Janny JC-100 Ukulele 弦線
Janny JC-100 Ukulele bag 袋

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Do you want to find a special ukulele that is not too exaggerated, and not easy to be similar with other people? Janny JC100 must be your favorite!

Body material

Mahogany is used to make the body.

Mahogany, with straighter grain, hard texture, light weight, fast sound transmission, crisp and bright tone. The high frequency is more grainy when playing, while the low frequency is warmer and richer.

Fingerboard and bridge material

Use Ebony to make the fingerboard.

Ebony wood has the best sound crispness among the numerous tree species, the Attack is also quite fast, and it can also get extremely long sustain. High-quality guitars are often made of ebony wood.

Product details

Strap buckle

It is equipped with a strap buckle, which is convenient for performance and busking.

Indian feather unique headstock

Janny's unique Indian feather headstock design is simple and unique, without exaggeration.

The pattern on the fingerboard

Janny especially replaces the grid number indication on the general fingerboard with a unique literary pattern, carefully crafted.

You can redeem the original Janny guitar bag for $98

Janny's original Ukulele bag has a side handle design that is convenient to carry. Its thickened padding can protect the Ukulele effectively. There is also a big zipper design for easy access.


Raw wood color

Detailed specifications​
  • Body: Mahogany 
  • Fingerboard: Ebony 
  • Bridge: Ebony 
  • Number of fingerboard: 15
  • Strap buckle: Yes
  • Pitch: Soprano
  • Strings: 4 lines
  • Size: 21 inches
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