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Konix PH88C|88-key electronic keyboard|Discount Set

Konix PH88C|88鍵電子琴|消費券優惠套裝 control
Konix PH88C|88鍵電子琴|消費券優惠套裝 正面
Konix PH88C|88鍵電子琴|消費券優惠套裝 Dynamic
Konix PH88C|88鍵電子琴|消費券優惠套裝 包裝
鼓凳 黑色
琴架 piano stand

Original price $1,680.00 Selling price $2,288.00

unit price Every 

$1680 for a full size thick-key double-horn electronic keyboard, piano stool, piano stand, piano bag, music stand, Pedal!

Original price totaling $2,288, now as low as 30% off!

It is limited in the Consumption Voucher period !

Limited amount of 30 sets, snapped up before it is gone!

This Konix PH88C 88-key electronic piano, is an advanced version of PH88, upgraded to a double-horn design, and have a more beautiful sound! If you are looking for an 88-key electronic keyboard with good value for the money, this Konix PH88C must be your first choice!

Why is Konix PH88C so popular?

- Very light, weighing only 4.5kg, even girls can lift it easily

- Very thin, only 40mm thick, convenient for storage

- Thicken the keys, imitating the barognosis of the keys of a digital piano, and the feel is comparable to a digital piano

- Can be used on the table, suitable for the scarcity of land of Hong Kong

- Comes with original piano bags, which can be used for busking out of the street and enjoy music anytime, anywhere

- It can sense the intensity of playing and naturally make large and subtle changes of sound

- It can be used by connecting sustain pedal and earphone

- Up to 400 sound effects and rhythms for jaming songs

- Support recording function, you can record your own performance and play it back for practice

- USB charging, it can be used for up to 12 hours when fully charged, and can be used without power connection during Busking

- Can be used as MIDI, with percussion timbre, convenient for scoring

- Built-in beat machine function to help you practice stable beats

- Earphones can be connected, which is convenient for late night or silent playing, and will not harass other people

- Amplifier can be connected to adjust the volume, best for Busking! 

- Given with the piano: sustain pedal, original piano bag

Consumption Voucher limited discount set
  • Promotion period ends with the end of the Consumption Voucher program
  • Limited to 30 sets, while stock lasts
  • Include:
  1. Thick material movable piano stand
  2. Adjustable piano stool
  3. Music stand
  4. Konix original piano bag
  5. Konix original Pedal
    Introduction to piano stand and bench

    This X-Stand movable piano stand can easily adjust the piano body to a suitable height for playing, which is convenient and flexible! It can be folded for storage, simple to adjust the height, and the bottom non-slip design is safer.

    Don't think that an ordinary chair can replace the piano stool! A height-adjustable piano bench can be described as a necessity for playing keyboard. The chair surface of this piano stool is moderately hard and soft, which can support you for a long time of practice; the simple and high-level design can more flexibly fit your needs; the non-slip chair foot design is safer.

    Detailed specifications​
    • Volume: length 1280mm x width 179mm x thickness 40mm
    • Weight: 4.5 kg
    • Number of keys: 88
    • Display screen: LED, English
    • Number of tones: 400
    • Number of rhythms: 400
    • Number of built-in music: 80
    • Metronome: Yes
    • Sustain Pedal: Yes
    • Transpose: Yes
    • Recording: Yes
    PH88C vs PH88

    PH88C is the advanced version of PH88! It is upgraded to bitone horn design, gaining more beautiful sound!

    Pick-up arrangement

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    1. 7-days Damage Product Exchange Guarantee (non-human damage):​The customer must visit our repair center in person with the receipts within 7 days of delivery, please make an appointment

    2. One year original factory maintenance is included (non-human damage)
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