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Mahalo Smile Ukulele|Soprano Ukulele

Mahalo Smile Ukulele pink 粉紅色
Mahalo Smile Ukulele 淺藍 light blue
Mahalo Smile Ukulele yellow 黃色
Mahalo Smile Ukulele green 綠色
Mahalo Smile Ukulele 橙色 orange
Mahalo Smile Ukulele purple 紫色
Mahalo Smile Ukulele 深藍 blue
Mahalo Smile Ukulele 深紫 parent purple
Mahalo Smile Ukulele 紅色 red
Mahalo Smile Ukulele white 白色
Mahalo Smile Ukulele yellow 鮮黃
KAKA ukulele bag

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Who can resist a friendly smile? U / SMILE carved a happy smile on the piano, hoping that users can enjoy music in happiness.

Mahalo is one of the world's best-selling ukulele brands. Among them, the Smile series of Soprano Ukulele is the most popular. It is a cost-effective choice and is suitable for beginners and intermediate musicians.

Body material

Use Sengon to make the body.

Sengon from Asia is the wood commonly used to make Ukulele. The Ukulele produced by it has a crisp and bright tone.

Fingerboard and bridge material

Use mahogany to make the fingerboard.

Mahogany, with straighter grain, hard texture, light weight, fast sound transmission, crisp and bright tone. The high frequency is more grainy when playing, while the low frequency is warmer and richer.

Product details


The gear-type dolphin head can be used for making the pitch stably and precisely when tuning.


The Nubone XB saddle is manufactured in Canada by GraphTech, bring the precious value of this ukulele.

Guitar string

Aquila strings are also suitable for our ukuleles to produce a more comprehensive, louder, more balanced sound and rich tone.

You can redeem KAKA original guitar bags for $98.

The KAKA Ukulele bag is made of leather‑cloth and has a side handle strap for easy carrying; the thickened padding can effectively protect the Ukulele.


Yellow, red, pink, purple, cyan, white, pink blue, orange, transparent blue, transparent red, transparent brown , Transparent cream, transparent purple.

Detailed specifications​
  • Body: Sengon
  • Neck:  Jabon
  • Fretboard: Mahogany
  • Piano Bridge: Mahogany
  • Number of fingerboard: 12
  • Tuning: Geared dolphin nose
  • Saddle: Graph Tech NuBone XB
  • Pitch: Soprano
  • String: AquilaSize: 21 inches

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