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Roland F140R|Digital Piano

<transcy>Roland F140R|Digital Piano</transcy>
<transcy>Roland F140R|Digital Piano</transcy>
<transcy>Roland F140R|Digital Piano</transcy>
<transcy>Roland F140R|Digital Piano</transcy>

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F-140R is an ideal digital piano most suitable for nowadays. With a stylish and tiny design, it is most suitable for small apartments. It is also equipped with technology and practical functions from top-notch digital pianos. You will experience the authentic and expressive piano sound that surpasses the same level models.

  • Roland's leading piano production technology lies in the stylish and tiny body
  • SuperNATURAL Piano sound, conveying rich and authentic grand piano sound
  • PHA-4 Standard piano keyboard, with delicate sensing performance, can fully play the expressive power of SuperNATURAL Piano sound
  • Built-in rhythm with smart accompaniment function; 72 different rhythms, including 6 pianist accompaniment styles
  • Besides the traditional piano sounds, there are a total of 305 tones, including electric pianos, strings, pipe organs, guitars, brass, synthesizers and more.
  • The 3D surround-field effect of the headset allows the practice with using the headset, providing a multi-faceted stereo sound experience
  • You can connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth technology to control the page turning of the score wirelessly
  • White and modern black appearances
Space-saving piano

F-140R has a simple, stylish and elegant appearance, which is suitable for modern home style. You can choose white or modern black to match with your perfect home decoration style. The unique cover design of F-140R can be used as a music stand when the cover is opened, and it can completely cover the keyboard when it is closed, presenting a low-key and restrained style when not in use.

It’s really like a real touch and sound, just like playing a real piano

F-140R has excellent production quality and innovative technology that surpass other instruments of the same level. Its SuperNATURAL piano engine conveys full and rich traditional grand piano sound, providing a real playing experience.

The newly developed PHA-4 Standard keyboard inherits the performance, appearance, and ivory texture of flagship pianos, and has the latest sensing technology, which can maximize the rich sound changes of SuperNATURAL pianos.
Other F140R features

The intelligent accompaniment function allows the entire orchestra to be your conductor

Through its built-in rhythm function, F-140R allows you to play and practice music along with the wonderful background accompaniment. There are 72 different rhythm patterns, covering all kinds of music styles, from rock to jazz to Latin, reggae, modern electronic music and so on.

Use BLUETOOTH technology to connect with your mobile device-use APP to make learning more enjoyable

Using Bluetooth technology, the F-140R can be connected to your mobile device wirelessly. You can visit Sheet Music Direct to download various music scores, or install iOS apps such as PiaScore to enjoy more than 70,000 classical music scores; you can also You can step on the pedal of the piano to control the page-turning of the score on the screen of your iPad/iPhone.

Improve learning effectiveness and fun through digital technology

The digital piano does not need to be tuned, and the perfect pitch quality is always maintained, and it also saves the annual routine maintenance cost of the traditional piano. Another important advantage of a digital piano is that you can turn off the speaker volume at any time and use headphones to practice without worrying about interfering with others; F-140R's unique Headphones 3D Ambience effect allows using headphones for private practice. Experience the sound as if it comes from the sound experience of the instrument itself.


White or black

Free piano stool with original price of $108 is included​

Don’t think that an ordinary chair can replace a piano stool! A height-adjustable piano bench can be described as a necessity for playing. The chair surface of this piano stool is moderately hard and soft, which can support you for a long time of practice; the simple and high-level design can more flexibly fit your needs; the non-slip chair foot design is safer.

Detailed specifications​
  • Volume: 1361(W) x 345(D) x 778(H) mm
  • Weight: 34.5 kg
  • Number of keys: 88
  • Language: English
  • Pedals: sustain pedal, soft pedal, partial sustain pedal
  • Key touching: 5 kinds of sensitivity
  • Number of tones: 305 types
  • Sound: SuperNATURAL Piano super real piano sound source
  • Metronome: Yes
  • Speaker: 12 cm (4-3/4 inches) x 2
  • Rated output power: 12 W x 2
  • Key transposition: -6-+5 (in semitone units)
  • Recording: real-time recording, playback
  • With three pedals, AC adaptor, music stand (used as a music stand when the lid is opened)

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2. One year original factory maintenance is included (non-human damage)
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