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Roland TD-1K|Space-saving Electronic Drum

Roland TD-1K|超慳位電子鼓
Roland TD-1K|超慳位電子鼓 panel
Roland TD-1K|超慳位電子鼓 pedal
Drum chair 鼓凳
Roland rh 5 headphones

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Add Roland RH5 headset

Drum stool

If you want to play drums at home, TD-1K will be your ideal choice. It has a variety of built-in expressive drum sounds, which can interpret various music styles, also interesting built-in rhythm training and recording functions to enhance your skills and allow the review of your progress.

  • An entry-level drum kit equipped with V-Drums' acclaimed sound and performance
  • Built-in 15 kinds of expressive drum kits, allowing to interpret a variety of different music styles
  • Support various traditional jazz drum playing techniques, including Cymbal Mute, advanced hi-hat playing method, etc.
  • Built-in Coach rhythm function, metronome, and recorder and other practical auxiliary performance skills
  • You can use the built-in music to practice, or play along with the music from your mobile phone or music player connected to the Mix In jack
  • The bass drum pedal without drumsticks has low noise characteristics to avoid disturbing performance noise
  • Space-saving, ergonomic design, stylish appearance, suitable for any room in your home
  • The sturdy drum stand allows every drummer from children to adults to quickly and easily adjust the appropriate height
  • There are a variety of upgrade options available to provide advanced performance, including OP-TD1C can be used for expansion of crash cymbals, whereas KT-10 or KD-9 can be used for upgrade of bass drum
  • Equipped with USB-MIDI interface, TD-1K can be used with DT-1 Drum Tutor software, V-Drums Friend Jam series, and other common music software
  • Intuitive user interface, easy to use

Detailed description

15 kinds of drum kits, can play all music styles​

When using traditional jazz drums, you have to set up the drum kit content according to the specific music style you want to play, so you are also limited to a single type of sound. But using TD-1K is different-it has 15 built-in high-quality drum kit sounds, so you can use it to play various music styles, and you can easily switch from rock and blues to jazz and world music or Electronic Dance Music (EDM), etc. with just one touch of a button.  

Responsive pads and cymbals allow you to show different real playing skills

Some drummers worry that electronic drums cannot achieve the expressive power of traditional drums, and they are discouraged from using electronic drums. Roland TD-1K gives you no need to worry, it can fully support a variety of different traditional drum basic playing skills, which is especially important for beginners to learn how to play correctly. Different from other entry-level drum kits, TD-1K's cymbals have the high-end expressiveness of the TD series V-Drums sound generator, including cymbal surface and cymbal side sounds, and also support cymbal holding sound (choke). Hi-hat can truly reflect the delicate performance of your pedaling action, bringing your personal style and personality to your performance. The key to a good drum performance lies in the detail and exquisiteness, and this is also true of the TD-1K.

Headphones and bass drums without drumsticks can be used to make home practice more quiet

Quiet performance is the main advantage of electronic drums. Through the headphone jack of the sound generator, the snare drum with noise reduction design, and the middle drum/cymbal pad, the Roland TD-1K is even quieter. The noise of many electronic drum sticks hitting the bass drum may make the neighbors crazy. The TD-1K has a special pedal-less design to reduce the playing noise. With the optional NE-10 sound pad placed under the bass drum and hi-hat pedal, the noise transmitted downstairs can be greatly reduced.

Can be hidden in the smallest practice space, and can be personally adjusted

The space-saving TD-1K is the most practical choice. It has a stylish and modern appearance, which can accommodate even a small home space so that your life will not be affected. The sturdy, ergonomic drum stand can be easily adjusted, whether it is used by children or adults, it can be set to the most suitable playing height for everyone. In addition, the height of each cymbal and the angle of the snare pad can also be fine-tuned, allowing you to adjust it to the most comfortable and most suitable setting for your playing style.

With a standard USB cable, you can record on your computer

The TD-1K is not only fun in itself-it also allows you to make music with your computer. Built-in USB-MIDI interface, only a USB cable, no other hardware, you can easily use music software. You can transfer your performance to computer recording software and record a live drum performance into your latest masterpiece.

You can redeem Roland RH-5 earphones at a discounted price of $450 (original price: $480)

RH-5 headphones are a perfect match for electronic musical instruments, suitable for digital pianos and electronic drums. Equipped with a high-performance φ40mm monomer, it expresses a dynamic and high-quality sound, and provides a natural and flat response across the spectrum. Large and lightweight design, stable and comfortable are best to wear. The included adapter can be used for standard and mini earphone terminals.

You can redeem a comfortable movable drum stool at a discounted price of $300 (original price: $450)
Don’t think that ordinary dining chairs or desk chairs can replace drum stools! If you practice in incorrect posture for a long time, it may serious effects on your spine! The cushion with moderate hardness provides a comfortable support for your hips. The height of the drum stool can also be easily adjusted to avoid strain on the spine caused by poor posture. The bottom is specially equipped with non-slip glue to firmly support your passionate movements

Detailed specifications
  • Volume: 800(W) x 700(D) x 1150(H) mm
  • Weight: 11.4 kg
  • Volume (included in the size of the cymbal and drum chair): 1000(W) x 1200(D) x 1250(H) mm
  • Drum set: 15
  • language: English
  • Control panel: LED
  • Metronome: rhythm type (5 types), sound (8 types), volume (10 levels)
  • Percussion sound generator: TD-1
  • Snare drum: 1
  • Tom: 3
  • Crash, Ride: 1
  • Hi-hat: 1
  • Kick pedal: 1
  • Hi-hat pedal: 1
  • Drum kit without drum chair

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