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More than 50,000+ students’ true testimony

Since 2001, our number of students has reached tens of thousands.

The youngest classmate is 2.5 years old, and the most mature classmate is over 90 years old!

There are students, doctors, lawyers, bosses, and pilots;

Hong Koners, Japanese, British, and Indians!

Music is bounderless, and it is regardless of age...

Let's listen to the voice of our classmates!

<transcy>Positive feedback and high satisfaction</transcy>

<transcy>I have been studying at Parkland Music for 2-3 years. My tutor is very serious about teaching. He teaches according to my interests and he also shares different music genres with me. There is no pressure to study at Pakrland Music. The tutors and staff are friendly. Keep going!</transcy>


Business and Law Student of The University of Hong Kong

<transcy>I think my son is more attentive and focused than before. He learned to play drums in Parkland. In fact, it is not easy to finish a song in one go, but he can do it now. I think the teacher is very patient. He has some methods to help my son to concentrate on his studies, such as playing mini games with him.</transcy>

<transcy>Mrs Cheng</transcy>

<transcy>Parents, whose son is a junior primary school student, learn to play drums</transcy>

<transcy>My daughter has studied in Parkland for less than a year. Since flute is her own interest, she has become more attentive and calm after learning. The teacher is really very meticulous in teach. He will find some songs outside the course to teach his daughter to make her more interested. I think studying at Parkland will not be so rigid.</transcy>

<transcy>Mrs Suen</transcy>

<transcy>Parent, whose daughter is an elementary school student, learn flute</transcy>

I think it's good that Parkland can give students the opportunity to perform. Because learning music but not being able to perform is like a waste, performance can also strengthen their self-confidence.

<transcy>Mrs Chow</transcy>

<transcy>Parent, whose daughter is a junior high school student, learning to sing</transcy>

<transcy>My tutor is very meticulous in teaching, clear explanations, and have a nice attitude. Due to work, my class time is very fluctuated, but the staff at Parkland Music can still help me arrange time so that I can continue my interest in learning.</transcy>

Ho Wu

Hong Kong Fireman

<transcy>The quality of the tutors is really high, and they will understand my learning level and compile the teaching materials according to my progress. Most importantly, tutors can encourage me to practice diligently. I think Parkland has a diversified learning and organizes various activities, which is a good channel for learning musical instruments and music.</transcy>



<transcy>The passing rate of exams is 97%, and more than 80% of the students get "Distinction" or "Merit"*</transcy>

Parkland puts students' interest in music as the first priority.

Students who fall in love with music will naturally practice spontaneously and get good grades without pressure!

Grade 8 in Drums, Distinction

Grade 6 in Electric Guitar, Distinction

Grade 6 in Vocal, Distinction

Grade 5 in Saxophone, Distinction

Grade 5 in Piano, Distinction

Grade 3 in Cello, Distinction

<transcy>In addition to getting good results in exams, our students also won numerous awards in competitions</transcy>

In addition to recommending students to participate in international music exams, Parkland also recommends students to participate in major competitions.

It’s good to be awarded, but it’s more important to gain valuable experience.

There are so many opportunities for performances, you can come on stage if you are brave enough!

In addition to school performances, we have several public performances every year...

Whether it is shopping malls, exhibitions, recordings, videos, etc., as long as students are courageous, they can perform!

<transcy>Real case: 6-year-old has reached Grade 6</transcy>

Students really fall in love with music, so they will learn something in a short time!

Natalie Tsui

Secondary school student, learning to sing

Learning to sing at the Tuen Mun branch school for 3-4 years, has passed Grade 8 Vocal exam.

Jan Leung

Junior elementary school student, learn piano

At the age of 6, he has reached the level of Grade 6 Piano. Because he is familiar with music theory, he doesn't need to look at music scores to play. Studying at Shatin City One Campus.

Dana Cheung

Secondary school student, learning guitar

Learning guitar for 5 years, superb skills in Fingerstyle, has performed many times in public, and has won many awards!

<transcy>A passionate team of elite tutors</transcy>

The most important thing for a good tutor is to teach well! In our recruitment process, we will only select tutors who are passionate about education

"In Parkland, among tutors, staff, and even boss, 

are all very close! I am very happy here!"- -Tutor Scott

<transcy>Parkland has more than 2,000 tutors, including:</transcy>

<transcy>✅ Professional session musicians</transcy>

Many of Parkland's tutors are professional musicians and have performed in different concerts. Our team has performed with renowned artists including: Beyond, Mr., RubberBand, Kolor, Dear Jane, Sugar Club, Louis Cheung, Endy Chow, Jade Kwan, Denise Ho, Khalil Fong, Kay Tse, Deep Ng, Hanjin Tan, Candy Lo, Twins, Pakho Chau, Ella Koon, Vincy Chan, Mag Lam and so on.

✅ Graduates of famous conservatory

Many of Parkland's tutors graduated from well-known music schools, including MI in the United States, MI in Japan, Berklee College Of Music, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong University Music Department, Hong Kong University Music Department and so on. Our tutors must be at least Grade 8 or above.

<transcy>✅ Award-winning musicians</transcy>

Our tutors have won awards in various competitions, including Yamaha Asian Beat, GBOB World Championship Band Competition, Heartbeat Youth Music Festival, Original Music Competition and The Voice, etc. They have won many championships over the years.

<transcy>Our vision: To nurture more music lovers</transcy>

When I started playing the guitar at high school, I didn't expect music to be my lifelong career. I am not graduated from renowned music schools, nor am I from any renowned college...I am just a Hong Konger, born and bred here, who has fallen in love with music. When I started teaching guitar in 2001, I didn't see today's Parkland coming. It is all grace that Parkland has come this far.

Throughout my teaching career, a period of time is especially memorable to schedule was filled up all the way from 10am in the morning to 3 or 4am in the midnight. There was this student, I remember, that was taking his exam on the following day. And I stayed in the studio until 4am in the midnight to practice and revise with him. How passionate! Though demanding, whenever I see my students' achievements and their smile on stage, enjoying their performance, I know it's all worth it.

Music of course is beautiful, but the process of practicing is undoubtedly painful. However, if you really love music, practicing, though bittersweet, is rewarding and enjoyable. That's why in Parkland, we strive to make students fall in love with music instead of merely chasing after certificates. If students detest music due to unwillful practices, it would be a huge pity because music could be a good companion in our life journey.

Music plays an indispensable role in my life. It walked with me in my low point in life and triumph together with me in my high tide. I even met my wife because of music. How grateful am I to be able to enjoy music! That's why I wish to promote music, this beautiful gift from God, to more people. I hope you can also fall in love with music and enjoy the blessings that music will bring you!

-- Founder, Parkland Music

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