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成人鋼琴速成課程(附送Studio Vibe 88鍵 電子琴)

成人鋼琴速成課程(附送Studio Vibe 88鍵 電子琴)

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Parkland Music provides adult piano crash courses, suitable for any adult who wants to learn playing and singing skills. The popular piano courses of this piano store are all taught by famous piano teachers, and they are outstanding among the piano teaching classes in Hong Kong.

Course Features
  • You can learn at least one song in just four lessons. Even if you have zero knowledge, there will be no problem!
  • The course has included 12 30-minute beginner lessons, and comes with an additional Studio Vibe 88-key electronic keyboard ( British-designed musical instrument brand)
Studio Vibe electronic keyboard

A musical instrument brand designed in the UK, with an imitation ivory texture and thickened keys, imitating the gravity of the keys of a digital piano. It feels like a digital piano, and it can also sense the strength of playing, making natural changes in loud and soft sounds, allowing players to have better control over the volume and touch!

Learn more about Studio Vibe 88-key electronic keyboard:

25 self-selected designated songs
  1. The necessity of old-school dating - MC Zhang Tianzi
  2. The last flower on earth - Ian Chan 陈智兴
  3. What happened - Dear Jane
  4. Drifting Classroom - Gu Juji, Edan Lu Juean
  5. Cyrus's love - Cherry Cheung
  6. EMr.E’s series of unfortunate incidents - Edan Lu Jue’an
  7. We All Are - Mirror
  8. Remember - Lin Jiaqian
  9. Those who stayed - C AllStar
  10. Memory Foam - MC Zhang Tiantian
  11. Isolation - 陈凯永
  12. Sudden heartbeat feeling - Anson Lo Lu Hanting, Edan Lu Juean
  13. Tears falling into the sea - Hong Jiahao
  14. Dear My Friend, - Jiang Tao
  15. Autism - Jiang Tao
  16. Pretty Man - Jackie Cheung
  17. Fan Xing - Chen Lei
  18. Sing a song for the absent - Jay Fung Feng Yunqian
  19. When the Human Stars Shine - Jer Liu Yingting
  20. Leave a day to breathe with you -Ian Chan 陈智兴
  21. No. 39, Wing Shun Street - Anson Lo Lu Hanting
  22. Distance - Ian Chan Daniel Chan
  23. Bian Yiyi invented ENCORE - Lin Jiaqian
  24. Very romantic Super warm - Gareth.T
  25. Self-destruction program - Jer Liu Yingting

Or more favorite songs of your choice

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