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Trombone Course

長號課程 Trombone

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Parkland Music offers professional trombone courses (Trombone courses), suitable for those who are interested in trombone. Our music school has famous Trombone teachers, Trombone tutors, and Trombone teachers teaching.

Basic course info
- 1-on-1 lessons
- 8 lessons per period
- You can choose songs according to your preferences

- New students can enjoy an extra class for free

- Eight lessons for the entire period plus one extra lesson, that is, nine lessons.
- This offer cannot overlap with other offers
Course content
  • Introduction to the structure and posture of the trombone
  • Trombone holding posture
  • Lip shape control
  • Respiratory coordination and volume control
  • Tongue Control
  • Arpeggio playing
  • Scaling conversion
  • Keystroke exercise
  • Lupato
  • Musical theory knowledge, sight reading training
  • Listening and intonation training
  • Performance training
  • Ensemble training
  • Research on classical music (including: Baroque period, classical music period, romantic period, 19th century works)
  • Use sentences or songs of many trombone masters as exercises
  • Recognize and learn the playing skills of world-renowned trombone players
  • Analyze and disassemble how the classic tunes are composed
  • How to use trombone to compose and arrange music
  • Multiple rhythm training
  • Recognition of a variety of complex beats
  • Improvisation training
  • Aural, ear training
  • Analyze the characteristics of different brands of trombone
  • Knowledge of Trombone maintenance 
  • Correct, effective and time-saving practice methods
Exams, certificates, competitions and performance opportunities
  • Training performance and test-taking skills
  • To be arranged for participating in bands can be arranged
  • To be arranged for taking the Rockschool International Exam
  • To be arranged for taking the Trinity Rock & Pop International Exam
  • To be arranged for participating in various types of open competitions
  • After completing 8 lessons, you can participate in the Parkland student show (about once a season under normal circumstances) with the consent of the instructor
  • After completing 8 classes, students can apply for Parkland certificate
    Should I choose 30, 45 or 60 minutes?

    - 30-minute course: It is more suitable for children under 5 years old and weak in concentration. It is recommended that other students choose 45-minute or 60-minute courses to learn faster and more effectively.

    - 45-minute course: about 15 minutes for a homework and teacher’s comments, 25 minutesto learn skills with songs (you can choose your own songs), 5 minutes to answer Classmate question

    - 60-minute course: about 15 minutes for homework review and teacher comments, 40 minutes to learn skills with songs (you can choose songs), 5 minutes for Q&A

    - 60 minutes is more than 45 minutes about double the time Learn new skills and learn more effectively! If the students have the determination and perseverance to learn well, don't think too much, choose 60minute course!


    - Online freshman registration only has 8 individual, one-to-one courses for the time being.

    - Please select the level and payment first, then you can choose the school and the time, and the time is optional!

    - After registration, we will contact you and arrange the class shortly👍🏻

    - The first registration will be charged a one-time registration administrative fee of $50

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