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DIY Ukulele Set|Ukulele

DIY Ukelele 手製烏克麗麗

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Staying at home for a whole period of the fight against the COVID-19, don’t you know what to do?

Besides listening to music and zooming, there are many anti-epidemic activities waiting for you!

We know that everyone loves to have DIY~How about making a Ukulele by youself!

Playing, drawing, building, and learning, all in one together~

An exclusive and unique Ukulele can be made by children or yourself.

It is shipped straightly to your home so you can stay at home safely and wait for the time of DIY the Ukulele!

Set includes
  • Exquisite Ukulele and bag
  • Drawing tools (paints, color discs, brushes, etc.)
  • Hand tools (white glue, screwdriver)
  • Simple Ukulele teaching and multiple scores (including handwashing songs)
  • Parkland Music $100 coupon course cash coupon
  • Free delivery in designated areas (delivery within one week as soon as possible)
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