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30 days of learning Level 5 Music Theory online course

<transcy>30 days of learning Level 5 Music Theory online course</transcy>

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The Parkland team has spent nearly a year developing a full range of teaching

The video teaching is accompanied by textbooks, more than 600 practical exercises, ABRSM official Past paper, for you to learn anytime, anywhere!

Detailed introduction:

The content of the online course learning package:

A set of 30 episodes of video teaching, Each episode is about 10-20 minutes. In addition to the teaching content, there are practical links which the instructor will do small exercises together

A Level 5 Music Theory Intensive Reading Textbook, It covers music theory content from elementary to fifth level, and also includes some additional knowledge that is not within the scope of the ABRSM exam, so that students can learn all-round and practical music knowledge. Color printing, regardless of cost!

More than 600 practical exercises, If you want to take the ABRSM Level 5 music theory exam, you are encouraged to complete all these exercises, which will make you more proficient in answering skills. In the video, there is also a practical part of the instructor doing small exercises together

ABRSM official Past paper, The set includes a past paper for the ABRSM Level 5 Music Theory Test. Students who would like to take the test are encouraged to make a past paper first, and then watch the video of the instructor analyzing the test questions, which will be more efficient in learning

Parkland course voucher, After completing this online music theory course, students can have the face-to-face lesson in one of the branches or ask the instructor on the one-on-one online LIVE course if they still have some questions. Students not in Hong Kong can apply for one-on-one online LIVE courses

ABRSM Level 5 Music Theory Exam Substitution Form, If students are interested in applying for the ABRSM Level 5 Music Theory Exam, we can help you register (only for students in Hong Kong) when you finish filling in the registration form attached with the textbook and send it back. It is convenient!

Vivid examples to explain music theory without rote memorization:

The content of the video goes from shallow to deep, like building blocks, layering the principles of music.

In fact, music theory doesn't need to be memorized but truly understand the principles because as long as you understand it in the right way, you will find that music theory is not difficult at all !

30 days of learning Level 5 Music Theory: This course is a 30-day music theory video teaching, with textbooks and exercises in class. With watching short videos of about 10-20 minutes every day, it is very easy for students to digest the content!

More than 600 questions Practice questions: Instructor teaching is certainly important, but if students can exercise practically by themselves, learning will surely get twice the result with half the effort! So at the end of each lesson, we have small exercises, and you are accompanied with the instructor for finishing your homework together, and applying what you have learned in class!

100% made in Hong Kong: The full set of courses are developed by our Parkland Music team for nearly a year, and the course videos are taught in Cantonese, which feels cordial and unobstructed! It is truly made in Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Pop As an example: Our courses are different from ordinary music theory courses. We use Hong Kong's popular music as examples to make it easier for students to apply music theory and make learning more interesting!

Special vocabulary Chinese-English comparison: The special words will be contrasted in Chinese and English, which is very suitable for students who either take the Chinese or English test.

Send Past paper And the instructor demonstrates the trial: In order to let the students understand about the format of the exam questions and the answering skills more practically, our instructor will do the Past Paper together with you. It makes the course more comprehensive and practical! For sure, past paper is given as a gift with the course for students to prepare the exam!

Added practical knowledge other than exams: Our courses are based on music theory at Level 5, but we have added some knowledge beyond the exams to the course, so that students can understand the entire music system more completely.

Connectable entity or One-to-one online courses: This course can be connected to face to face lessons or one-to-one online LIVE music theory course. If there is something you don't understand in this music theory course, you can ask the instructor again in any one of the above courses, and the learning will undoubtedly be more effective!

Recommended by professional music theory and music tutors

Teacher Fan: Music theory tutor, piano tutor-more than 5 years of teaching experience

"In addition to learning related music theories, the most attractive part of the curriculum is the course will use the familiar music or pop songs as examples to explain how to use the theories they have learned vividly;

If you have never studied music theory, the content of it will progress from the shallow to the deep, so that everyone can learn it step by step. After each topic is explained, there will be small exercises for everyone applying theory;

If you already have some music training before, this course can help you to apply the music theory, achieving "theory and practice", and make your basic skills become solid. There are also some knowledges besides the exam courses for allowing everyone to fully understand music! "

Teacher Wong: Guitar tutor - more than 10 years of teaching experience

"This course is very comprehensive! Most of the music theory courses in the market are suitable for students who learn classical instruments, and this course adds a lot of elements of pop music, so that guitar students can clearly understand the principles of music theory. It is worthy to recommend!"

Teacher Li: Seconday school music teacher-teaching experience for more than 20 years

"This basic to intermediate level music theory book is very simple and easy to understand, but it can cover different major areas of music theory. It is really the best reference book for learners of musical instruments. The part about chord in the book is especially "close to the ground" as it uses pop songs as examples, explaining Chord Progression and Slash Chord and making it easy for readers to put the theory into practice!"

30 episodes of video content

Stage 1: Basic Music Theory (I)

Stave, notes, time signatures, tied notes, dotted notes, groupings, tempo mark

Stage 2: Basic Music Theory (II)

Accidentals, key signatures, intervals (I)

Stage 3: Major scale and chord (I)

C, G, D, F, B b Major scales & chords, music terminology (I)

Stage 4: Single tap and triplet

Simple time, triplets

Stage 5: Nature, harmony, melody minor (I)

A, E, D Natural, harmonic & melodic minor

Stage 6: Major scales and chords (II)

A, E, E b , A b Major scale, transposition (I), music terminology (II)

Stage 7: Double tempo and doublet

Compound time, duplet

Stage 8: Nature, Harmony, Melody Minor (II)

B, G, F # , C, C # , F Natural, harmonic & melodic minor

Stage 9: Chromatic scale and phrase structure

Chromatic scales, slur, phrasing

Stage 10: Time signature and homonyms

Other time signatures, enharmonic equivalent

Stage 11: Other clef (I)

Alto clef

Stage 12: Major and minor scales and chords (III)

B, D b Major scale & chord, G # , B b Minor scale & chord, circle of fifth

Stage 13: Interval (II)

Intervals (II), music terminology (III)

Stage 14: tonic, subordinate and dominant chord

Major & minor I, IV, V chords

Stage 15: timbre changes

Ornaments, orchestral instruments, music terminology (IV)

Stage 16: Irregular time signature

Time signatures of 5/4, 5/8, 7/4 & 7/8

Stage 17: Other clef (II)

Tenor clef

Stage 18: Transpose (II)

Transposition (II)

Stage 19: Major and minor scales (IV)

F # , G b Major scales, D # , E b Natural, harmonic & melodic minor scales

Stage 20: polyphony, main chord, mixed score

Compound intervals, supertonic chords, SATB scores

Stage 21: Termination

Perfect, plagal and imperfect cadences

Stage 22: sequential triads, basic chord progression

Diatonic triads, slash chords, basic chord progression

Stage 23: All major scales and arpeggios

All major scales & arpeggios

Stage 24: All minor scales and arpeggios

All minor scales & arpeggios

Stage 25: song word rhythm creation

Rhythm writing with lyrics

Stage 26: song melody creation


Stage 27: Decreasing chords and increasing chords

Diminished & augmented chords

Stage 28: Seventh chord

7th chords

Stage 29: Past paper (I)

Stage 30: Past paper (II)

Limited time offer - up to 80% off

30 music theory courses: HK$4500

Parkland self-developed Level 5 Music Theory Intensive Reading Textbook with more than 600 practical exercises: HK$300

Parkland One-to-One Course Voucher (available for face to face or video courses): HK$200

ABRSM Grade 5 Music Theory Past Paper: HK$49

Total course value: more than HK$5,000!​

Common problem

What can I do if I have questions or do not understand the content of the course?

1. The course comes with two Parkland $100 course vouchers. You can enroll in our online or face to face of one-to-one music theory course. Ask your tutor in the classes; or

2. You can inbox us about your questions, simple answers can be provided, but if the questions are too esoteric, you are suggested to ask the tutor in the one-to-one music theory course.

What is the application process? When will I receive the course content?

After the payment is successful, we will send you the login information by email, and you can watch the course anytime, anywhere! For intensive reading books, practice questions, Past Papers, course vouchers and test report forms, you can choose to pick them up at Parkland campuses or pay at SF Express on the payment page. We will make arrangements according to your choice, usually you can receive it within 2-7 days .

How can Parkland's course vouchers be used?

A total of two $100 course vouchers are applicable to any Parkland course, including other subjects.

What year is the Past paper that comes with ABRSM music theory?

The 2019 Past paper is included. Students can choose Chinese or English Past paper on the payment page. Past paper's answer can be seen in your login account.

Can Parkland help students apply for the ABRSM Level 5 music theory exam?

YES! The course package includes an exam registration form, as long as it is completed and sent back to us based on the instructions on the form, we can tackle the exam registration procedures (this service is only available in Hong Kong). Please be noted that Parkland only tackles the exam registration procedures, and students need to pay for the exam at their own expense.

Is there a deadline for the course login account?

There is no deadline. For one price, you can enjoy unlimited revisiting.

How to register?

You can sign up on this page, or whatsapp our special line 26609138.

Is there an answer to the exercise question? How many are there?

There are more than 600 practice questions. Standard answers are attached at the back of the textbook for reference.

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