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Zhongruan course

<tc>Zhongruan course</tc>

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8堂證書課程 送 名廠樂器

Parkland Music offers professional Zhongruan courses, suitable for those who are interested in learning Zhongruan. This music school has the famous Teacher Zhong Ruan, Tutor Zhong Ruan, and Teacher Zhong Ruan teaching in this music school.

Basic course information

- Individual professors

-Eight classes per issue

- You can choose songs suitable for students’ level according to their preferences


- Freshmen who enroll in 8 or more classes can enjoy 10% off on the entire order!

- This offer cannot overlap with other offers

Course content
  • Introduction to Zhongruan structure and posture
  • How to choose the right Zhongruan
  • Coordination of left and right hands, finger dexterity and endurance training
  • Learn Zhongruan techniques such as playing, picking, hooking, and wiping
  • Tone color and intonation training
  • Knowledge of left/right hand techniques, scale training and practice with different accompaniments
  • Various fingerings, chord theory and chord tips
  • Practice with sentences or songs by many Zhongruan masters
  • Understand and learn the playing techniques of the world-famous Zhong Ruan family
  • Study Chinese classical music
  • How to be more emotional when performing solo
  • Music theory knowledge, music reading training
  • Analysis and Research on Ruan Theory
  • Analysis and dismantling of how classic golden songs are composed
  • How to use Zhongruan to compose and arrange music
  • Various rhythm training
  • Understanding various complex beats
  • Singing and ear training
  • Describe the characteristics of Ruan in different brands
  • Zhongruan maintenance knowledge
  • Teach correct, effective and time-saving practice methods
Exams, certificates, competitions and performance opportunities
  • Arrange to participate in the Zhongruan Orchestra and the Chinese Orchestra
  • Performance and exam-taking skills
  • Arrange to take the Central Conservatory of Music exam
  • Arrange to participate in various types of public competitions
    Should I choose 30, 45 or 60 minutes?

    - 30-minute course: more suitable for children under 5 years old and with weak concentration. It is recommended that other students choose 45-minute or 60-minute courses to learn faster and more effectively.

    - 45-minute course: about 15 minutes to review a lesson and teacher’s comments, 25 minutes learn skills through songs (you can choose your own songs), 5 minutes to answer classmates’ questions

    - 60-minute course: about 15 minutes to review homework and teacher comments, 40 minutes learn skills through songs (you can choose your own songs), 5 minutes to answer classmates' questions

    - A 60-minute lesson is more than a 45-minute lessonAbout twice the timeLearn new skills naturally. More effective! If students are determined and perseverant to learn well, don't think too much, choose60 minute course!


    - Online registration for new students is currently limited to 8 individual, one-on-one courses in one phase.

    - Please select the level and payment first, and then you can choose the branch and time of class. You can choose the time!

    - After registration, a dedicated person will contact you immediately to arrange attendance. 👍🏻

    - First-time registration will be charged a one-time registration administration fee of $50

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