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Saxophone Course

色士風課程 saxophone
<transcy>Saxophone Course</transcy>
<transcy>Saxophone Course</transcy>

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8堂證書課程 送 名廠樂器

Parkland Music provides professional Saxophone courses, suitable for those who are interested in learning Saxophone. Our music school has famous Saxophone teachers and Saxophone tutors

Basic course materials

-  Individual teaching

- Eight lessons per period
- You can choose songs according to your preferences

- New students can enjoy an extra class for free
- Eight lessons for the entire period plus one extra lesson, that is, nine lessons.
- This offer cannot overlap with other offers
Course content
  • Introduction to the structure and posture of the saxophone
  • Saxophone holding pose
  • Lip shape control
  • Sound volume control
  • Respiratory coordination and volume control
  • Tongue Control
  • Arpeggio playing
  • Scaling conversion
  • Keystroke exercise
  • Lupato
  • Musical theory knowledge, sight reading training
  • Listening and intonation training
  • Performance training
  • Ensemble training
  • Research on classical music (including: Baroque period, classical music period, romantic period, 19th century works)
  • Use sentences or songs of many saxophone masters as exercises
  • Recognize and learn the playing skills of world-renowned saxophonists
  • Analyze and disassemble how the classic  tunes are composed
  • How to use saxophone to compose and arrange music
  • Multiple rhythm training
  • Recognition of a variety of complex beats
  • Improvisation training
  • Aural, ear training
  • Analyze the characteristics of different brands of saxophone
  • Knowledge of Saxophone Maintenance
  • Correct, effective and time-saving practice methods
Exams, certificates, competitions and performance opportunities
  • Training performance and test-taking skills
  • To be arranged for participating in bands can be arranged
  • To be arranged for taking the Rockschool International Exam
  • To be arranged for taking the Trinity Rock & Pop International Exam
  • To be arranged for participating in various types of open competitions
  • After completing 8 lessons, you can participate in the Parkland student show (about once a season under normal circumstances) with the consent of the instructor
  • After completing 8 classes, students can apply for Parkland certificate

Should I choose 30, 45 or 60 minutes?

- 30-minute course: It is more suitable for children under 5 years old and weak in concentration. It is recommended that other students choose 45-minute or 60-minute courses to learn faster and more effectively.

- 45-minute course: about 15 minutes for homework review and teacher’s comments, 25 minutes to learn skills with songs (you can choose your own songs), 5 minutes for Q&A

- 60-minute course: about 15 minutes for homework review and teacher comments, 40 minutes to learn skills with songs (you can choose songs), 5 minutes for Q&A

- 60-minute course is about double the time of 45-minute course. You can learn new skills more effectively! If you have the determination and perseverance to learn well, don't think too much, choose the 60-minute course!

- Online enrolment only applies for 8 individual, one-to-one courses for the time being.
- Please select the level and pay first, then you can choose the preferred location and the timeslots afterwards.
- After registration, we will contact you and arrange the class shortly👍🏻
- The first enrolment will be charged a one-time registration administrative fee of $50
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