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Roland GP-3|三角數碼鋼琴

$32,000.00 $37,650.00

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Roland GO:PIANO88|Keyboard

$5,800.00 $6,998.00

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Roland GO:PIANO88|Keyboard

$2,680.00 $3,160.00

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Roland CUBE Street EX|輕便音箱 back Roland CUBE Street EX|輕便音箱

Roland GO:PIANO88|Keyboard

$4,980.00 $5,980.00

Roland Digital Piano and Keyboards

Thanks to their innovative design and sound quality, Roland keyboards and digital pianos have become a very popular option for piano students in Hong Kong. Founded in 1972, Roland has always been at the forefront of digital music production and achieved over 30 years of dominance in the digital piano market thanks to their quality and innovation.

Are Roland digital pianos good for beginners?

Digital pianos today have improved dramatically when it comes to mimicking the sound, touch, and weight of keys of traditional acoustic pianos, and Roland’s products are your best choice for this purpose. Students learning on a fully weighted Roland digital piano or keyboard will have a similar experience to learning on an acoustic, plus access to a variety of perks and advantages.

For any aspiring pianists in Hong Kong, buying a Roland digital piano or keyboard is a great way to start your journey. The sheer depth in their sound variety is especially beneficial for young students to play around and develop their creativity. Aside from providing great sound, their solid design and great build quality make them very reliable instruments in the long run.

Why Roland digital pianos?

To put it simply, they aren’t many better options than Roland when it comes to digital pianos and keyboards. Since coming out in the 1970s, they’ve quickly found their way to the top of the industry and become a first-choice instrument among artists like Marvin Gaye, Quincy Jones, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West. Their popularity amongst world-class professionals is testament to their quality.

Because of their quality and technological innovation, buying a Roland keyboard means you are investing in a piece of equipment whose technology will still be relevant after a decade. Apart from being great home consoles, Roland models are also perfect for transitioning into a more professional studio and stage environment. Buy a Roland keyboard and you will be ready to perform at the highest stage.

Roland Digital pianos vs keyboards

A few key differences make Roland keyboards and digital pianos very different tools for learning and performing. Digital pianos usually come with 88 weighted keys and are designed to mimic traditional acoustic pianos. They are often built upright and have cabinets like a traditional piano to give users the same kind of touch, feel, and sound of an acoustic.

Keyboards, in contrast, are usually lighter in weight and only have 61 or 78 keys that are semi-weighted or unweighted. They are easier for smaller hands to play and a reliable option for younger students.

Ready to buy a Roland keyboard? Take a look at our unique catalogue and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

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