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Junior Rockers Lessons (6-11 years old)

<tc>Junior Rockers Lessons (6-11 years old)</tc>
<tc>Junior Rockers Lessons (6-11 years old)</tc>
<tc>Junior Rockers Lessons (6-11 years old)</tc>
<tc>Junior Rockers Lessons (6-11 years old)</tc>

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Musical Instruments (45 minutes per class)


Group performance class (60 minutes each class)

Parkland Music provides professional performer training courses, suitable for those who are interested in performance. This music school has famous

instrument teachers, vocal tutors, and music performance teachers teaching in this music school.

Basic course information

- Divided into newbies phase and performer stage

- Newbies phase: individual professors

- Performer Stage: Group Teaching

- Three months per period, one class per week, 13 classes per period

- You can choose songs suitable for students’ level according to their preferences


- New students who enroll in any course for 12 or more classes will enjoy a 10% discount

- The discount is only valid for the first invoice, and subsequent quotations will be the original price

- This offer cannot overlap with other offers

Course content
  • A comprehensive course designed to prepare children aged six to 11 to become performers
  • The "newbies phase" in the first three months lays a solid musical foundation for children and prepares them to perform in concert with other children
  • After passing the "newbies phase", you will enter the "performer stage": one session per week individual music class+group performance class
  • Participate in at least one performance every year
  • After passing the "newbies phase", all Junior Rockers can  unlimited use of the drum room, piano room, and guitar room of all Parkland branches to practice
  • Develop students’ confidence and courage to perform on stage
  • Meet musical friends through group classes and grow together with each other
  • Customized design by Hong Kong team for children aged six to 11 years old
  • Using English, Cantonese and Mandarin pop songs as teaching materials
  • Students can choose their favorite songs to learn, putting their interests first
Junior Rockers individual music lessons
  • Each class is 45 minutes, suitable for the concentration of children of this age
  • One class per week
  • Using teenagers’ favorite pop songs as teaching materials
  • Aim to learn some songs in a short time and give children the satisfaction of playing music as soon as possible
  • Learn a musical instrument while also learning music theory, music reading and other skills
  • In the "newbies phase" of the first three months, children can generally master basic playing and music reading skills
  • Be prepared for group performance classes
  • Children can also apply for exams at ABRSM Royal College of Music, Rockshool or Trinity College of Music
    Junior Rockers Group Performance Class
    • Each class is 60 minutes, one class per week, 12 classes per period
    • 3-6 children per class
    • Designed for preparing for performances
    • The instructor will arrange the music according to the level of the children, so that even beginners can enjoy the fun of playing with the band
    • Children will be responsible for different instruments, and there may be more than one child in the same class responsible for the same instrument
    • Children can take turns choosing songs, or they can discuss song selections with classmates without other groups, and learn skills in getting along with others
    • Playing with others can train children’s listening skills, teamwork and expression skills
    • **There are no make-up classes for group classes
    Junior Rockers Subjects
    • Wooden guitar
    • Electric Guitar
    • Ukulele
    • Pop drums
    • Cajon
    • Classical piano (individual lessons are classical piano, group lessons are popular piano)
    • Pop Piano
    • Classical vocal music (individual lessons are classical vocal music, group lessons include popular singing)
    • Pop singing
    • Sex Style
    • Violin
    Who can become Junior Rockers?
    • Children aged six to 11 years old
    • No music background required, newbies welcome
    • If you already have a certain level of music, you can skip the "newbies phase"
    2023-24 New Student Discount Price

    A. "Newbies Phase" (First 3 Months) Individual Lessons:

    (The following is the price after 10% off)

    • Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, ukulele, pop drums, cajon, classical piano, pop piano, violin: $225/45 minutes per class
    • Saxophone: $234/45 minutes per session
    • Classical vocal music: $239/45 minutes per session
    • Pop singing: $275/45 minutes per session
    • **All students in the "newbies phase" can rent a drum room, piano room or guitar room for practice at a discounted price of $500 a month


    B. After the "Newbies Phase", you will enter the "Performer Stage":


    Three months per term, one individual class per week (see the table below for prices)

    + One group performance class per week ($125/45 minutes per class, 12 classes per session)

    ** Price included* Unlimited* Rent a drum room, piano room or guitar room for practice

    Class location
    • Individual music lessons: any Parkland campus
    • Group performance classes: required to take classes at designated campuses, including:
      • Mong Kok Main School
      • Kowloon Bay Branch
      • Aberdeen Branch
      • Tsing Yi Branch
      • Tuen Mun Branch
      • Central Branch

    - Please select the level and payment first, and then you can choose the branch and time of class. You can choose the time!

    - After registration, a dedicated person will contact you immediately to arrange attendance. 👍🏻

    - First-time registration will be charged a one-time registration administration fee of $50

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