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Pop piano course

<transcy>Pop piano course</transcy>
<transcy>Pop piano course</transcy>

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Parkland Music provides professional guitar classes and wooden guitar teaching courses, suitable for those who are interested in learning guitar. The guitar and acoustic guitar teaching courses at this music school are taught by well-known guitar teachers and acoustic guitar instructors. There are many branches such as Central, Mong Kok, Tsuen Wan, etc. where you can learn guitar.

Now all new or returning beginners can sign up for 8 certificate courses at the following prices, and receive a free musical instrument from a famous manufacturer!
You don’t even need to buy extra musical instruments, you can just sign up for lessons and get free musical instruments during the promotion period!
Key point: You can get the certificate in one month at the fastest through the certificate course~

*Each instrument has a limited quantity. If you are interested, remember to seize the opportunity*

Basic course information
  • Individual professors
  • Eight classes per period, each class is 30 minutes
  • Suitable for beginners
  • You can learn at least two songs in eight lessons
  • You can choose songs suitable for students’ level according to their preferences
  • One to two classes per week
  • A certificate will be awarded after completing eight lessons
  • According to students’ progress, they can be connected to regular elementary, intermediate or advanced courses
Free musical instrument discount
  • This certificate course includes Wooden Guitar Part 1
  • You can choose a basic entry-level model or upgrade to a higher-end model
  • This offer cannot overlap with other offers
Basic entry-level musical instruments included
  • Brand: Gysen
  • Model: SA-4000 wooden guitar
  • Original price of musical instrument: $1288
  • Features:

- One of the most popular styles for beginners

- Gysen polished guitars require polishers to carry out multiple polishing processes, leaving many traces of life on the original plain appearance, giving each piece a unique face.

- The panel is made of imported Engelmann spruce, characterized by a bright, sharp, mature tone, and the mid-range is richer than the common Sitka spruce

- Use rosewood fingerboard, which has high hardness and can adapt to various environments

- Color: Retro denim blue, blue (actually greenish), red, washed black

Can be upgraded to higher-end models
  • Brand: Levites
  • Model: M40 Bakelite Guitar
  • Original price: $1680
  • Features:

- The guitar is made with traditional German craftsmanship and is the result of years of research and development by guitar craftsmen

- Using Sapele top and bottom and side panels, the sound has the consistent warm and enveloping feeling of mahogany, and the sound of the string is crisp, suitable for finger playing

- The special pickguard design under the sound hole can prevent the panel from being scratched by picks or nails. The extra-thin guard board prevents sound transmission from the wood board and keeps the sound stable

- The fingerboard is made of rosewood, which has high hardness and is not easily deformed even if played frequently. Moreover, rosewood can adapt to various environments and can adapt to changing temperatures. The unique grinding technology makes the fingerboard smoother, and it is adjusted according to the characteristics of Asian people's smaller hands, making the hand feel more comfortable

- Levites' unique "small bridge-shaped" saddle design. Compared with other guitars, which mostly have general "straight-line" saddle designs, the "small bridge shape" can effectively enhance sustain ( sustain) and resonance effects

- Levites M40 Bakelite Guitar is equipped with RUNDE-PJ091 adjustable pickup (Pickup), which can be connected to an amplifier to play, making it convenient for busking or performing. The pickup can be adjusted to pick up the resonance sound from different locations within the instrument body, allowing the player to make appropriate adjustments to the pickup effect in response to the environment and needs of different venues

- Use guitar strings from the famous American string brand Elixir. Many other famous guitar brands use Elixir guitar strings, which have long service life and comfortable feel

- Color: Black, wood color, sunset color

Connect to Parkland’s regular courses and get exams, certificates, competitions and performance opportunities
  • Train performance and test-taking skills
  • Can be arranged to participate in the Band
  • Arrange to take the Rockschool international exam
  • Arrange to take the Trinity Rock & Pop International Exam
  • Arrange to participate in various types of public competitions
  • After completing 8 classes, you can participate in the Parkland student show (normally about once a quarter) with the consent of the instructor
  • After registration, a dedicated person will contact you immediately to arrange attendance. 👍🏻
  • First-time registration will be charged a one-time registration administration fee of $50
Contact us

Parkland Music has more than 50 branches across Hong Kong, providing comprehensive professional one-on-one guitar classes. If you are interested in learning more about our guitar courses and children's guitar classes, you are welcome to Whatsapp 26609138, or contact us directly at our branch .

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