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AWEDA Durable Music Stand with Pouch

Aweda music stand 樂譜架
Aweda music stand 樂譜架 說明書
<transcy>AWEDA Durable Music Stand with Pouch</transcy>

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It is indispensable for orchestra players to have a sturdy music stand while they are playing music. As their eyes must look at the sheet music for a long time, so the sheet music cannot be placed on the table casually. Therefore, the music stand is necessary if the player does not want to get hurt caused by the wrong posture!

Product specifications
  • Can be folded for easy storage
  • The material is thicker and stronger than other music stands
  • Three-stage lock design makes it easier to adjust the height
  • The non-slip design at the bottom makes it safer
  • A music stand bag is delivered separately for easy carrying



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