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Chard EC3950|Classical Guitar

Chard EC3950 結他
Chard EC3950 結他 細節 detail
結他袋 guitar bag

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This Chard EC3950 classical guitar has a 39-inch body, spruce wood panel and rosewood fingerboard, suitable for beginners to intermediate players. A 36-inch travel style is also available, a size suitable for children and easy to carry.

Body material

Spruce wood panel: The spruce wood has obvious straight lines, and the color is creamy white and slightly yellow. Lightweight, solid structure, fast sound transmission, long service life, it takes a period of time to make the sound "sound". The spruce sound characteristics are bright and crisp, with a wide dynamic range, suitable for fingerstyle and intense brushing.

Fingerboard material

Use rosewood fingerboard, which has high hardness and is not easy to deform even if it is played frequently. And rosewood can adapt to various environments, and it can also adapt to changing temperatures. The unique polishing technology makes the fingerboard smoother, and adjusts to the characteristics of the smaller palms of Asians, making the hand feel more comfortable.


Raw wood color

Detailed specifications
  • Size: 39 inches
  • Qinge: 19
  • Panel: Spruce
  • Bottom and side panels: walnut wood
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Tuning: Classical gilded agate alignment
  • Next code: Rosewood
You can redeem a premium guitar bag with a special price of $225 for the original price of $245

A good guitar bag can protect the guitar, and it is also a good companion for you to carry the guitar out! This guitar bag has two large zipper pockets on the front for convenient storage, and can hold music scores, Tuner and other objects;The side hand strap is easy to carry;The thick cotton core can effectively protect the guitar.

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