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aNueNue MC10|Taiwan Travel Guitar

<transcy>aNueNue MC10|Taiwan Travel Guitar</transcy>
<transcy>aNueNue MC10|Taiwan Travel Guitar</transcy>
<transcy>aNueNue MC10|Taiwan Travel Guitar</transcy>
<transcy>aNueNue MC10|Taiwan Travel Guitar</transcy>
<transcy>aNueNue MC10|Taiwan Travel Guitar</transcy>
<transcy>aNueNue MC10|Taiwan Travel Guitar</transcy>
<transcy>aNueNue MC10|Taiwan Travel Guitar</transcy>

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Body material

Use veneer spruce panels, with plywood mahogany back and side panels.

The spruce has obvious straight lines, and the color is creamy white with slightly yellow. It is lightweight, solid structure, fast sound transmission, long service life, and it takes a period of time to make the sound warmed. The spruce sound characteristics are bright and crisp, with a wide dynamic range, suitable for fingerstyle and intense brushing.

Mahogany, with straighter grain, hard texture, light weight, fast sound transmission, crisp and bright tone. The high frequency is more grainy when playing, and the low frequency is warmer and richer.

The panel is made by natural drying for several years and has the good resonance of integrated veneer and the stable characteristics of plywood. When improving the overall resonance and tone, it also has a certain degree of stability. After a period of warm-up playing, the wood is more sensitive to the sound, and the tone can be improved.

Detailed introduction

The panel is matched with an open matte paint blended by Pantone, calm and stable, and is now the most common color in home furnishings. The "compensation soundhole design" offset from the upper left increases the space for resonance and vibration, and also balances the clarity of high, mid, and bass. The scratch-resistant fabric next to the soundhole is selected from the upholstery fabric material and has undergone repeated tests. The perfect adhesion can withstand it, and you can play as long as you like. Maple wood is inlaid on the outside of the body, both beautiful and protective.

Head, bridge and string pillow

Bird guitar head style, maple head patch with aNueNue LOGO. Use 1:16 gear type tuning knobs, smooth rotation, can effectively correct the pitch.

The custom-made oval-shaped bridge of the guitar uses light-colored maple wood to support the tension of the back strings of the guitar. With a synthetic beef bone string pillow, the texture is hard and crisp, which can effectively conduct the resonance of the strings.

Fingerboard material
The rosewood with higher hardness is used for the fingerboard, which has more pores and rich grease so that the rosewood fingerboard can adapt to various environments and can effectively conduct sound. shock. The neck and fingerboard have been polished, polished, chamfered, deburred and other detailed procedures to make the piano feel more comfortable. The width of the winding pillow is 44mm, and it has 20 grids to make the playing range wider.
Guitar string

Using the EXP16 top phosphor bronze coated folk strings from the American string brand D'Addario®, using the hexagonal core and EXP anti-corrosion coating technology to make​ ​Long service life, famous for its gorgeous sound, warmth, high volume, and comfortable playing feel.


Tranquil Grey, Brilliant Gold, Living Coral Orange, Almond Milk White, Arona Blue

Detailed specifications
  • Size: 36 inches travel guitar (especially suitable for girls, children, and busking musicians)
  • Number of fingerboards: 20
  • Panel: Spruce Wood
  • Side panel: Mahogany wood
  • Backboard: Mahogany
  • Piano body structure: surface veneer
  • Headstock material: maple wood
  • Tuning: Gear style
  • Neck: Mahogany
  • Piano Bridge: Maple Wood
  • String pillow: synthetic cow bone Upper pillow width: 44mm fingerboard: maple string length: 24inch / 610mm
  • String: Daddario EXP16
  • Painting: Open matte paint
  • Edge: Maple
  • Bag: thick linen piano bag (included)
An upgraded version of Acoustoc Guitar with Pickup

If you are a friend of Busking or performing, you can choose to add Air Blue Pickup (pickup). The power-connected model is paired with aNueNue Air Blue active dual-system pickups to play a clear and transparent sound. Simple control design, volume, and Mic can be adjusted. The front stage of discrete Class-A circuit design reduces distortion, noise, and signal-to-noise ratio. Lightweight power supply design, use a CR2032 battery.

Linen padded bag exclusive to MC color series as Free Gift

Comes with the guitar a thick linen bag for MC color series, made of beige linen fabric, and suede side handles with hidden zipper stitching The design is embellished, the linen fabric is laminated to the non-woven fabric, and the velvet lining is covered with drop-resistant and shock-resistant pearl cotton. The thickness of the bag is 2 cm. Double shoulder straps make it easy to carry.

Pick-up arrangement
1. Arrival in the fastest 1-2 days:
We will deliver the goods within 7 working days after receiving the order, and someone will contact you to arrange delivery Shipping matters
2. Pick-up arrangement: Except for the products marked with free shipping, other products need to be picked up at the designated store or paid by SF Express

1. Within 7 daysIf there is a bad replacement (non-human damage):​The customer must receive the goods within 7 days Bring along with the receipt to our repair center, please make an appointment
2. One year original factory maintenance is included(non-human damage)

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