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Levites Movement 40|40-inch German design Acoustic Guitar

Levites Movement 40|40吋德國設計電木結他
Levites Movement 40|40吋德國設計電木結他 原木
Levites Movement 40|40吋德國設計電木結他 label
Levites Movement 40|40吋德國設計電木結他 hole
Levites Movement 40|40吋德國設計電木結他 head 黑
Levites Movement 40|40吋德國設計電木結他 side
Levites Movement 40|40吋德國設計電木結他 back
<transcy>Levites Movement 40|40-inch German design Acoustic Guitar</transcy>

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Levites acoustic guitars are manufactured by traditional German technology. It is the painstaking research and development of guitar craftsmen over the years, and is extremely cost-effective.

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Editor’s comment

"It feels super good! It is the best I have ever played among the guitars of the same price! The design has taken into account the smaller handshape of Asians, so It is very close to the grip and comfortable to press. In addition, this price also comes with a pickup. The quality of the pickup is very nice. When it is played with an amp, the sound is "clear"! If you want to find a guitar with a pickup and around a thousand dollar, this German craft Levites guitar will definitely satisfy you! Highly recommend <3"

Body material

Use Sapele panels and bottom side panels.

Sapele is actually a kind of Mahogany, with fine and dense grain. In terms of sound, there is a sense of warm covering of mahogany, and the sound of stringing is crisp, suitable for fingerstyle.

Sapele wood is lighter, and the sound conduction is faster, and every sound can be conveyed clearly. The sound produced by the vibration of the wooden board resonates with the vibration between the strings, which is natural and crisp without losing a sense of warmth.


Protection board​

A special pickguard is designed under the sound hole to prevent scratching the panel with pick or nails. The ultra-thin guard plate keeps the sound transmission of the board unaffected, and the tone remains stable.

Fingerboard material
Using rosewood fingerboard, which has high hardness is not easy to deform even if it is played frequently. And rosewood can adapt to various environments, such as changing temperatures. The unique polishing technology makes the fingerboard smoother, and adjusts to the characteristics of the smaller palms of Asians, making a comfortable handle.

Winding pillow
Compared to other guitars, which are mostly generally "straight line" pillow designs, Levites’ unique "small bridge shape" winding pillow design, can effectively enhance the sustain and resonance effects.

Levites M40 acoustic guitar is equipped with RUNDE-PJ091 adjustable pickup, which can be connected to the amplifier to play and is convenient for Busking or performance. The pickup can be tuned to adjust the resonance sound from different positions in the piano body, so that the player can make appropriate adjustments to the sound effect according to the environment and needs of different venues.

Guitar string
Use the guitar strings of the famous American string brand Elixir. Many other famous guitar brands use Elixir guitar strings becuase it has a long service life and offers a comfortable handle.


Black, wood color, sunset color

Detailed specifications
  • Size: 40 inches
  • Numbers of fingerboard: 21
  • Panel: Sapele wood
  • Side panel: Sapele wood
  • Backboard: Sapele wood
  • Cutaway: Yes
  • Tuning Pegs: Gear style
  • Nut: small bridge shape
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • String: Elixir 012

M40 vs M41

M41 is an upgraded version of M40. The 41-inch body is bigger and resonates better! The string sound is more prominent!

You can redeem Levites original guitar bags at a discount of $128 for the original price of $178

Levites original guitar bag with a large front zipper bag for convenient storage, can put music scores, Tuner and other things, and there are hand straps on the front and side for easy carrying. The thickened padding can effectively protect the guitar.

Pick-up arrangement
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2. One year original factory maintenance is included (non-human damage)

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