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Roland FP30X|Digital Piano

Roland LX708|專業級數碼鋼琴
Roland LX708|專業級數碼鋼琴 黑色
Roland LX708|專業級數碼鋼琴 黑木色
Roland LX708|專業級數碼鋼琴 front
Roland LX708|專業級數碼鋼琴 俯視
Roland LX708|專業級數碼鋼琴 control panel

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If you dream of buying a piano in your home, but are discouraged by lack of space or budget, now, you will get what you want. The affordable FP-30 provides the acclaimed sound, strumming, and a variety of new functions of Roland. The tiny body of this high-quality 88-key instrument can be easily accommodated in various spaces.

This model now has "Consumption Voucher period Discount"! One price includes piano stand, piano stool, Roland RH5 headphonesspecial will be given as a gift! Click here for details


  • Equipped with Roland's well-known SuperNATURAL piano sound source, rich and moving piano sound
  • The 88-key PHA-4 Standard piano keyboard, with real piano touch, can fully show the most vivid expression of performance
  • Powerful amplifier and stereo, delivering powerful sound
  • Headphone output and quiet keyboard mechanism, so you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors, and you can enjoy playing at any time
  • The compact and lightweight body makes it easy to carry to the home, studio, or classroom
  • Built-in Bluetooth The Bluetooth wireless connection function allows your piano to match popular apps on your smartphone or tablet, such as GarageBand, piaScore, Sheet Music Direct, etc.
  • The use of repetition/splitting mode and other than piano sounds such as organ, strings, synthetic vocals, drums, etc., to make music more expressive
  • The Twin Piano mode is suitable for music lessons, allowing teachers and students to play side by side with the same octave range
  • It can be connected to a USB flash drive to store the songs you recorded with the built-in SMF recorder, or you can play with your favorite WAV and SMF songs
  • Optional tripod and three-pedal device are available to create the appearance of a classical piano and add operating functions, including the use of pedals to control the page-turning of the score 
  • High fidelity of sound and touch keys​
    The excellent performance of FP-30X will make other models of the same level inferior. Roland's unparalleled sound and sense of performance are like traditional pianos, able to show the broadest performance, provide a stable foundation for correct learning, and meet the delicate musical expressions and reactions pursued by professional musicians. The powerful built-in sound system enables the FP-30X to display the advanced SuperNATURALe piano sound source competently, the new keyboard inherits the touch, escapement, and ivory-like keyboard of a high-end digital piano.
    Digital Technology

    Thanks to modern digital technology, the FP-30X can perform functions beyond any traditional piano, bringing supreme fun and creativity to your performance. Tones other than pianos, such as organ, strings, and other tones allow you to interpret a variety of different music styles, and the built-in diversified drum rhythm section can accompany you. You can even play two sounds together or play different sounds.

    Built-in Bluetooth wireless connection function, can be used in conjunction with the MIDI music app on your mobile device, also be connected to a USB flash drive to let you play along with your favorite songs, or store your recording with the FP-30X built-in recorder SMF songs. The Twin Piano mode is most suitable for piano tutoring, allowing teachers and students to play side by side in the same range. You can connect headphones to enjoy your own music world without worrying about disturbing your neighbors during the day or late at night.

    Light in weight and space-saving 

    FP-30X is available in white or black. The beautiful appearance of FP-30X can enhance the temperament of any space. Lightweight and compact design fit in a small space and can be moved at any time as needed. It is not only suitable for using at home, but also a portable and professional-grade instrument for performers and music educators.

    Can be equipped with exclusive tripod set (additional $1,200 to redeem)

    If you are the fans of traditional setting method, you can purchase a special tripod set for FP-30X (KSC-70 tripod + KPD-70 three-petal pedal), which provides a sense of visual integrity and the usual configuration of traditional piano pedals. At the same time, the volume is still smaller than that of ordinary upright pianos by not taking up precious room. Another advantage of the KPD-70 foot pedal is that you can use apps such as piaScore and Sheet Music Direct on a mobile device to control the turning of the sheet music with your feet, allowing your hands to focus on playing.


    Only black in stock

      You can redeem piano stand and bench at a discounted price of $298 (Original price: 388)

      If you choose not to add an exclusive tripod set, we will include a X-Stand movable piano stand for free. It can easily adjust the piano body to a suitable playing height conveniently and flexibly! It can be folded for better storage while easy to adjust the height, and with the bottom non-slip design is safer.

      Don't think that ordinary chairs can replace piano stools! A height-adjustable piano bench can be described as a necessity for playing. The chair of this piano stool is moderately hard and soft, which can support for a long time of practice; the simple design of adjusting height can more flexibly fit your needs; the non-slip chair foot design is safer.

      Detailed specifications​
      • Volume (with music rest): 1300(W) x 284(D) x 150(H) mm
      • Weight (with music rest): 14.1 kg
      • Volume (with a music stand and exclusive tripod): 1300(W) x 324(D) x 925(H) mm
      • Weight (with music rest and exclusive tripod): 23 kg
      • Number of keys: 88
      • language: English
      • Key touch: PHA-4 Standard Keyboard: Escapement and ivory texture
      • Key sensitivity: 5 kinds
      • Number of tones: Piano: 6 types|Keyboard: 7 types|Others: 22 types
      • Sound: SuperNATURAL Piano high fidelity of the sound source
      • Metronome: Yes
      • Speaker: 12 cm (4-3/4 inches) x 2
      • Rated output power: 11 W x 2
      • Key transposition: -6-+5 (in semitone units)
      • MIDI, turn the sheet music: Bluetooth Ver 4.0
      • Comes with a music stand, AC adaptor, power cord (for connecting with AC adaptor), and damper pedal

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      2. One year original factory maintenance is included (non-human damage)

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