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Roland TD-17K-L|Professional Electronic Drum

Roland TD-50KV|專業級電子鼓
Roland TD-50KV|專業級電子鼓 back
Roland rh 5 headphones

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Add Roland RH5 headset

Combining the TD-50 sound engine and newly developed percussion pads, the V-Drums TD-17 series creates an affordable electronic drum kit that is the most realistic and close to traditional drum performance – accurately reflecting the drummer’s body movements and coordination with sticks and hand/foot control.

Becoming a great drummer still requires constant training, and TD-17 will help you achieve your ideals.

  • Natural, full and dynamic drum sound, inherited from the flagship TD-50 sound engine
  • KD-10 kick drum can learn expressive foot control and pedal skills
  • Two crash cymbals and expandability provide support for your personal drumming style and performance
  • Cultivate your sense of beat by using Time Check in Coach mode and Quiet Count silent counting function.
  • The warm-up function menu provides basic daily practice courses to make progresses for you
  • Built-in 50 high-quality preset drum kits, allowing you to choose based on the song or music style you are playing
  • The sound field effect of each drum kit can be adjusted to match the characteristics of your surrounding
  • You can set your own preset drum kits to get your favorite drum sounds
  • Import your own sampled sound to express the similar drum sound as the original song
  • Watch the video lessons on your mobile phone and play along with them, and you can listen to the audio sent via Bluetooth
  • Use the free downloadable Melodics for V-Drums software (PC/Mac) to exercise your playing and tempo

Detailed introduction

Realistic performance and skills training tools​

If you are a drummer who uses traditional drums, you don’t have to change your playing style in using electronic drums. The hi-hat can even be installed on a traditional hi-hat stand. You don’t have to compromise, and you can play with the same techniques as traditional drums. Derived from the flagship TD-50 sound source engine, the sound of the TD-17 faithfully reproduces the characteristics and timbre of traditional drums, and has a lightning-fast response time.

Practical tools to enhance your playing skills

The first priority for drummers should be to be able to maintain a steady rhythm before performing more provocative performances. Mastering the basics is aan exciting thing, because it can build a foundation for you and track your progress, as well as keeping you to be motivated and enterprising. TD-17 sound source contains Coach mode to support your daily fixed practice. You can warm up, develop a sense of rhythm, speed and tempo, and even exercise endurance-and there is a scoring function for you to review your performance.

Prepare for the live performance

When you rehearse, it's important to use the same familiar drum sounds as you perform on stage. The TD-17 has built-in a variety of expressive drum sounds from the flagship TD-50 to ensure that you can find the perfect drum sound for performances.

High quality performance, durable

Roland V-Drums, from the sound generator to the percussion pads, to the pedals, every part must shows reliable and excellent quality in various scenes and every performance. The percussion pads and pedals used in the TD-17 series are not only designed to accept difficulties but their performance is also highly endurable. As your skills and ambitions grow, you can expand your TD-17 by adding cymbal or a second snare drum. With using the same-level and durable components that professional drummers love, you will be particularly playing at ease.

You can redeem Roland RH-5 earphones at a discounted price of $450 (original price: $480)

RH-5 headphones are a perfect match for electronic musical instruments, suitable for digital pianos and electronic drums. Equipped with a high-performance φ40mm monomer, it expresses a dynamic and high-quality sound, and provides a natural and flat response across the spectrum. Large and lightweight design, stable and comfortable are best to wear. The included adapter can be used for standard and mini earphone terminals.

Comes with Roland original drum stool

Detailed specifications
  • Volume: 1300(W) x 1100(D) x 1200(H) mm (included in the sound generator, kick pad, kick drum pedal, cymbal and drum chair)
  • Weight: 21.9 kg
  • Language: English
  • Control panel: LED
  • Additional pickup input jack: 2 (CRASH 2, AUX)
  • Drum generator: TD-17-L x 1
  • Snare: PDX-8 x 1
  • Tom: PD-8A x 3
  • Hi-hat: CY-5 x 1
  • Hi-hat control pedal: FD-9 x 1
  • Crash & Ride: CY-8 x one each
  • Kick: KD-10 x 1
  • Drum stand: MDS-4V x 1

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2. One year original factory maintenance is included (non-human damage)

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