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BH P23|Original Brand Cajon

BH23木箱鼓 cajon 表面
BH23木箱鼓 cajon 側面
BH23木箱鼓 cajon 內部
BH23木箱鼓 cajon 細節detail
BH23木箱鼓 cajon 弦線
BH23木箱鼓 cajon 內部
BH23木箱鼓 cajon 袋
BH23木箱鼓 cajon 袋背帶 bagstrap
<transcy>BH P23|Original Brand Cajon</transcy>

Original price $1,380.00 Selling price $1,624.00

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The P23 model is a member of the BH Cajon city series.

The city series has a patented double elastic card slot, constant elasticity, noiseless at the joint, clearer sound, no loss of timbre .

Product specifications
  • Model: BHC-P23

  • Length x width x height: 29 x 29 x 48 cm

  • Sound system: SS01 snare drum sand belt

  • Drumhead wood species: Tubaobao® brand Nestle

  • Drumhead substrate: TechmuPly® brand 3-layer birch plywood with back balance

  • Drum plate: CanexPly® brand 15mm 13-layer European beech plywood

  • Sound hole board: CanexPly® brand 12mm 11-layer European beech plywood

  • Surface treatment: Verona® brand environmentally friendly paint

  • Sound characteristics: distinct rising and falling intonation, and the sound of snare drums is sensitive and controllable


Raw wood color

A special price of $178 can be added with DG original Cajon bag (original price: $198)
A good Cajon bag can protect the Cajon, and it is also a good companion for you to go out with the Cajon!

The front big bag is convenient for storing stuff, including music scores, Tuner and other objects. The double strap design is convenient to carry, and the thickened cotton core can effectively protect the Cajon.

Pick-up arrangement
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1. 7-days Damage Product Exchange Guarantee (non-human damage):​The customer must visit our repair center in person with the receipts within 7 days of delivery, please make an appointment
2. One year original factory maintenance is included (non-human damage)

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