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Casio PX-S3100|Keyboard

Casio S3100 black 黑色 琴
Casio S3100 black 黑色 琴 桌上
Casio S3100 black 黑色 琴 輕便
Casio S3100 black 黑色 琴 新手
Casio S3100 black 黑色 琴 細節
Casio S3100 black 黑色 琴 effect 效果
Casio S3100 black 黑色 琴 藍牙bluetooth
Casio S3100 black 黑色 琴 USB
Casio S3100 black 黑色 琴 連接藍牙
琴凳 黑 Pianochair
琴架 X stand

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The newly launched Casio PX-S3100 is a big improvement over the previous generation PX-S3000! Featuring superior design, sound and ease of use, the Privia PX-S3100 offers a wide range of performance features, a wealth of versatile tones and advanced functionality, such as rhythm and Auto-accompaniment.

It comes with a wireless Bluetooth receiver, perfect for performaning anywhere.

Casio’s Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard can adjust with five sensitivity levels, having distinct weights at different levels. Also it has a matte imitated ivory and ebony texture, which makes it difficult to fatigue.

Wireless Control and Select Tones and Change Settings from Your Smart Device

A key feature of the Privia PX-S3100 is its slim body. It is the world’s slimmest* 88-key digital piano with hammer action. With a depth of just 232 mm, it fits in your living room, bedroom or elsewhere for a living space filled with music.

Sophisticated, Minimalist Design

The minimalist design and flat, mirror-like top panel with touch controls offer a sophisticated look. The striking gold logo on the surface of the body adds an extra touch of elegance.

Captures Even More Beautifully the Sound of a Grand Piano

A grand piano’s large body and complex structure create a range of resonances that give it a rich, detailed and unique sound. Casio’s original Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source accurately generates the unique resonances of a grand piano. The Privia PX-S3100 delivers a vivid, harmonically rich sound thanks to the dense overtones of each individual string for all 88 keys tuned for its unique speaker system. The expressive changes in timbre created by the instrument’s response to key velocity and temporal change are finely controlled, giving you the freedom to truly express yourself in all styles of playing, from soft and nuanced to dynamic and powerful.

Speaker system

The speaker system of a digital piano is one of the most important factors in determining the realism of the piano sound. The speaker system of the Privia PX-S3100 features a strengthened diaphragm for a cleaner, richer high end and an improved inner structure design for a more dynamic low end. The result is a well-balanced sound with a strong sense of presence and localization that captures every nuance of your performance.

The Delicate, Expressive Touch of a Grand Piano

The Privia PX-S3100 is a pleasure to play thanks to its superb keyboard, which faithfully conveys the nuances of the performance through the player’s fingers. Casio’s Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard, the action mechanism of which has been reduced in size to fit into the slim body, produces the feel and weight of a grand piano. Each of the 88 keys has its own weighted feel and timing for sound production and dampening, enhancing the feeling of playing a grand piano.

Fully Featured for Limitless Musical Possibilities

With 700 tones covering a wide range of musical genres, 200 rhythms and auto-accompaniment feature, a wide range of audio effects and a Pitch Bend Wheel, the Privia PX-S3100 offers limitless musical possibilities. Navigating the full feature set is easy thanks to the LCD screen.

Bluetooth® Audio

Bluetooth® Audio connectivity makes it easy to use the speaker system of the Privia PX-S3100 as a wireless speaker for your smartphone, tablet or other Bluetooth® Audio enabled device. Switch on the Surround effect for true room-filling sound. And because you can play the Privia PX-S3100 at the same time, you can play along live with your favorite songs.

Wireless control

he Privia PX-S3100 can be controlled wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet using the free Chordana Play for Piano app. Change settings such as tone, touch response, resonance and metronome, and select songs from the built-in music library.

Detailed specifications

A. Keyboard
-Number of Keys: 88

-Key Action: Smart Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard

-Touch Response: 5 sensitivity levels, off

B. Timbre
-Polyphony (maximum): 192

-Number of Built-in Tones: 700

-Sound Source: Multi Dimensional Morphing AiR

C. Digital effects
-Sound Mode Hall Simulator / Reverb: Hall Simulator 4, Reverb 8

-Sound Mode Surround: 2

-Chorus: 12

-Accompaniment Rhythms

-Number of Built-in Rhythms: 200

-One Touch Preset: 200

D. Song
-Lesson Function: Part ON/OFF

-Lesson Function Part Select: Right hand, Left hand, Both hands

-Demo Songs: 6

-Song Expansion (User Songs): 10

E. Additional features
-Connection to App: Chordana Play for Piano ver.2.4

-Bluetooth: Wireless MIDI & Audio Adaptor (WU-BT10) included

-Bluetooth Version 5.0, Bluetooth Audio Profile: A2DP, Codec: SBC

-Bluetooth MIDI Profile: GATT (MIDI over Bluetooth® Low Energy)

-MIDI Recorder / Playback: 3 tracks (1 system track+2 tracks), 5 songs, Punch-in recording

-MIDI Recorder / Playback Data Capacity: Approximately 30,000 notes

-Audio Recorder / Playback: Max. 99 songs, approximately 25 min/song

-Duet Mode: Yes

-Octave Shift: -2 octaves to 0 to +2 octaves

-Metronome: 0 to 9 beats; tempo range: 20 to 255

-Pedals: Included: SP-3, Optional 3-pedal unit: SP-34 (damper, soft, sostenuto)

-Pedals Half-Damper Pedal: Yes (Optional 3-pedal unit)

-Key Transposel: -12 semitones to 0 to +12 semitones

-Tuning Control: A4 = 415.5 Hz to 440.0 Hz to 465.9 Hz

-Scale Tuning (Temperament): Equal temperament + 16 variations

-Pitch Bend Wheel: Yes

-Controller: 2 Knobs

-Operation Lock: Yes

-Others: Touch button: 18 (Tone Select Button: 6), Registration: 96 setups (4 areas x 24 banks), Music Preset: 310, Auto Harmonize: 12 types, Arpegiator: 100 types, Auto Power Off

F. Display
Full-dot LCD with backlight

G. Speaker and Amplifiers
-Speaker size: [16cm × 8cm (ellipse)] × 2
-Speakers speaker system: 2 speakers
-Amplifier: 8W + 8W

H. Dimensions
1,322 x 232 x 102mm

I. Weight

K. Power supply
-AC adapter: AD-A12150LW
-Battery drive: AA battery X 6

Comparison of Casio PX-S3100 and PX-S3000

1. Speaker: The internal structure has been upgraded to increase the sense of air flow, orientation and clarity, enriching the sound expressive.

2. Bluetooth function: Adding Bluetooth MIDI connection function. By pairing a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, you can use the device as a remote controller to control a dedicated APP interface and perform various operations on the electric piano, such as changing the tone or playing built-in songs.

3. USB interface: The USB-A interface is used with the Bluetooth function (WU-BT10 adapter) while signals and audio data can be wirelessly exchanged through the adapter .

Free piano stand and bench at original price of $388

This X-Stand movable piano stand can easily adjust the piano body to a suitable playing height conveniently and flexibly! It can be folded for better storage while easy to adjust the height, and with the bottom non-slip design is safer.

Don't think that ordinary chairs can replace piano stools! A height-adjustable piano bench can be described as a necessity for playing. The chair of this piano stool is moderately hard and soft, which can support for a long time of practice; the simple design of adjusting height can more flexibly fit your needs; the non-slip chair foot design is safer.

You can redeem an exclusive tripod set with three Pedals and piano stool for $1500

You can choose to upgrade to the original wooden frame for $1500. In addition to the upgrade of the piano frame, the pedal will also be upgraded from the original sustain pedal to three advanced and durable pedals at the same time, including sustain, soft and performance-level sostenuto pedal. This option also comes with a piano bench.


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