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Pop piano course

<transcy>Pop piano course</transcy>
<transcy>Pop piano course</transcy>

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Level and time

Parkland Music offers professional piano teaching courses, suitable for those who are interested in learning piano. Our popular piano courses are taught by famous piano teachers and are outstanding among the piano teaching classes in Hong Kong.

Now all new or returning beginners can sign up for 8 certificate courses at the following prices, and receive a free musical instrument from a famous manufacturer!
You don’t even need to buy extra musical instruments, you can just sign up for lessons and get free musical instruments during the promotion period!
Key Point: You can get the certificate in one month at the earliest~

*Each instrument has a limited quantity. If you are interested, remember to seize the opportunity*

Basic course information
  • Individual professors
  • Eight classes per period, 30 minutes each
  • Suitable for beginners
  • You can learn at least two songs in eight lessons
  • You can choose songs suitable for students’ level according to their preferences
  • One to two classes per week
  • A certificate will be awarded after completing eight lessons
  • According to students’ progress, they can be connected to regular elementary, intermediate or advanced courses
Free musical instrument discount
  • This certificate course includes a digital piano part
  • You can choose a basic entry-level model or upgrade to a higher-end model
  • This offer cannot overlap with other offers
Basic entry-level musical instruments included
  • Brand: Roland, a famous Japanese factory brand
  • Model: Go:88 Digital Piano
  • Original price: $5,737
  • Comes with: Sustaining pedal, X stand and piano bench
  • Features:
    • Portable full-size 88-key piano with powerful feel
    • Has the tactile feel of a grand piano key
    • Weight only7kg, very light and portable
    • Easy to install and use
    • AvailableBattery powered, convenient for playing anytime and anywhere.
    • Ultra lightweight, weighing only 7 kg, 128 x 29 x8.7 cm
    • Supports dry batteries and headphones, uses full-size 88-key keyboard
    • Built-in Bluetooth, connect to smartphones
    • For example, Roland everyday piano, Simply Piano and other apps to learn easily
    • The sound comes from Roland’s advanced digital piano
      **Parallel import**
Can be upgraded to higher-end models
  • Brand: Roland, a famous Japanese factory brand
  • Model: FP30X Digital Piano
  • Original price: $7,028
  • Comes with: Sustain pedal, X stand and piano bench
  • Features:
    • Equipped with Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL piano sound source for rich, engaging piano sounds
    • The 88-key PHA-4 Standard piano keyboard has a real piano touch feel and can fully display the most vivid performance expressions
    • Powerful amplifier and stereo speakers deliver powerful sound
    • Headphone output and quiet keyboard mechanism allow you to enjoy playing at any time without worrying about disturbing your neighbors
    • The compact and lightweight body makes it easy to carry to home, recording studio or classroom
    • Built-in Bluetooth wireless connection function allows your piano to be paired with popular apps on your smartphone or tablet, such as GarageBand, piaScore, Sheet Music Direct, etc.
    • Use duplication/splitting modes and sounds other than piano, such as organ, strings, synthetic vocals, drums, etc., to make music expression richer
    • Twin Piano mode is suitable for music classes, allowing teachers and students to play side by side using the same octave range
    • You can connect a USB flash drive to store songs you record with the built-in SMF recorder, and you can also play them with your favorite WAV and SMF songs
    • An optional tripod and three-pedal device can be purchased to create a classical piano appearance and increase operating functions, including the use of pedals to control the page turning of the music score app
      **Parallel import**
Connect to Parkland’s regular courses and get exams, certificates, competitions and performance opportunities
  • Training performance and test-taking skills
  • Participating bands can be arranged
  • Arrange to take the ABRSM Royal Academy of Music International Examination
  • Arrange to take the Trinity International Exam
  • Arrange to participate in various types of public competitions
  • After completing 8 classes, you can participate in the Parkland student show (normally about once a quarter) with the consent of the instructor
  • After registration, a dedicated person will contact you immediately to arrange attendance. 👍🏻
  • First-time registration will be charged a one-time registration administration fee of $50
Contact us

Parkland Music has more than 50 branches across Hong Kong, providing comprehensive professional one-to-one piano classes. If you are interested in learning more about our classical piano courses and children's piano classes, you are welcome to Whatsapp 26609138, or contact us directly at our branch .

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