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Joyo Jam Buddy|2 in 1 Guitar Speaker Chamber

Joyo Jambuddy
Joyo Jambuddy effect
Joyo Jambuddy 橙色 控制
Joyo Jambuddy 連接 Connect
Joyo Jambuddy 細節
Joyo Jambuddy 橙色 細節
<transcy>Joyo Jam Buddy|2 in 1 Guitar Speaker Chamber</transcy>

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We must know that it is not easy for a full-range speaker to give a standard guitar timbre. When a guitar is directly connected to a full-range speaker, then the voice of the guitar... is really a disaster. However, we just want to play with the accompaniment, hoping that this kind of speaker can be like a professional speaker with multiple tone channels. 

It took JOYO’s engineers two years to develop this patented new product: TheJAMBUDDY Combining guitar playback with its reduced high frequency range due to the sound of 12 inch speakers and also full range normal music playback is a difficult task. Some products on the market have already dealt with this issue and they are nice practice boxes that are controlled by hand on a table top. But this is not how guitar players operate their gear, we need our hands free and we stick our gear with our feet. JAMBUDDY combines both aspects, it is a floor based dual channel amp simulator that can be switched with your feet and also accepts a BLUETOOTH signal to play back your favorite backing tracks and songs you want to jam along to.

JAMBUDDY has a rechargeable battery, a built in delay and it accepts pedalsin front of it really well. Everything you need to practice and have a great time.doing it!

Detailed specifications
  • Amplifier power: 2x4W
  • Speaker: 40mm (about 2" x 2)
  • Guitar’s channel: CLEAN channel, OD channel (Classic or HI-GAIN mode can be selected through the pedal)
  • Battery life: 3 hours
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • DELAY effect control knob: TIME/ MIX/ FEEDBACK
  • Guitar’s effects control knobs: CLEAN GAIN/DRIVE GAIN/TONE/MASTER
  • Control pedal: CHANNEL switch pedal/OD MOD select pedal
  • Input and output: EndHe input/headphone output
  • Headphone drive capability: 75 ohms
  • AC adapter output voltage:9V/3A
  • Built in battery: 7.4V/2200mAh (lithium battery)
  • Effects- Other channels: DELAY (maximum 500ms)
  • Weight: 680 grams
  • Volume: 183 (length) x 156 (width) x 75 (height) mm
  • Package content:host x 1, power adapter x 1, Power cord x 1, Manual x1


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