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SQOE CG40|Spanish brand classical guitar

SQOE CG40|西班牙品牌古典結他 原木色
SQOE CG40|西班牙品牌古典結他 細節 details
SQOE CG40|西班牙品牌古典結他 guitar bag 袋

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This SQOE CG40 classic guitar is one of the best-selling classic guitar models of the Spanish brand SQOE. It is a 39-inch high-end handmade boutique single-board classical guitar. The panel is made of imported AAA red pine veneer, and the fingerboard is made of rose wood, which is suitable for advanced and professional musicians.

Body material

Red pine is commonly found in classical guitars. Its texture makes the speed of sound transmission very fast, and it can better express the light-touching skills when playing classical guitars. As for its sonic characteristics, Red Pine can express the single tone clearly. The guitar made by Red Pine has a louder sound, a good resonance, and a warm feeling overall.

Fingerboard material

Using rosewood fingerboard, which has high hardness, is not easy to deform even if it is played frequently. And rosewood can adapt to various environments, such as changing temperatures. The unique polishing technology makes the fingerboard smoother, and adjusts to the characteristics of the smaller palms of Asians, making the hand feel more comfortable.


Raw wood color

Detailed specifications
  • Size: 39 inches
  • Panel: Imported AAA Korean pine veneer (with five wires)
  • Bottom side panel: Sapele
  • Headpiece: Rosewood (including inlaid center line)
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood (three spells)
  • Back midline: Yes
  • Strings: SAVAREZ
  • Tuning: black wood grain head gold-plated 1:18 high speed ratio open classical string
  • Upper/lower pillow: real beef bone
  • Next code: Rosewood

You can redeem a premium guitar bag with a special price of $225 (original price $245)

A good guitar bag can protect the guitar, and it is also a good companion for you to take your guitar out! This guitar bag has two large zipper pockets in the front side, which are convenient for storage, such as putting music scores, Tuner and other objects; A hand strap on the side face is easy for carrying; The thickened cotton core can effectively protect the guitar.

Pick-up arrangement
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