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Tagima Millenium 4|Brazilian bass electric guitar

Tagima Millenium 4|巴西品牌低音電結他
Tagima Millenium 4|巴西品牌低音電結他 front
Tagima Millenium 4|巴西品牌低音電結他 head
Tagima Millenium 4|巴西品牌低音電結他 結他袋 guitar bag
Joyo JamBuddy
<transcy>Tagima Millenium 4|Brazilian bass electric guitar</transcy>

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Tagima is one of Brazil’s most popular guitar brands, and its Millenium 4 Bass has been well received by the industry.

Body material

The body is made of Brazilian wood.

The sound of cedar wood is sleek and full, and the sound produced is warmer which is more common in middle or high-end bass guitars.

Fingerboard material

Use Pau-ferro wood to make the fingerboard.

Pau-ferro is wood produced in South America, and many high-end guitars (including Fender) use this wood to make fingerboards. Pau-ferro is harder than rosewood, and produces a warmer sound without losing its crispness, so even Stevie Ray Vaughn's Fender Strat uses Pau-ferro to make the fingerboard.

Neck material

Use Pau-marfim Wood With Double Action Truss Rod to make the neck.

Pau-marfim is a wood produced in South America. Its hardness and density are all high-intensity. Because of its high density, the neck made of Pau-marfim wood can transmit sound faster and is more durable.

Pickup and tone switching

Use two Tagima Alnico Jazz Single Coils, Tagima's own brand pickups.

There are also volume, balance, Treble, Mid And Bass tone teaching buttons so that musicians can get different styles of sounds when playing.



Detailed specifications
COLORS: Natural, Metallic Red, Black
Body: Brazilian Basswood
FINGERBOARD: with 24 frets
Fingerboard: Pau-Ferro Wood
Neck: Maple Wood With Double Action Truss Rod
PICKUPS: 2 Single coils JJ model
CONTROLS: 1 Master Volume, 1 Balance, 1 Treble, 1 Middle, 1 Bass
Chord line: 4 lines
Bridge: Chrome
Tuner: Chrome

You can redeem Tagima original bass electric guitar bag at a discounted price of $248 (original price: $268)

Tagima's original Bass guitar bag has a side handle design that is convenient to carry. There is also a double zipper design for easy access. Its thickened padding can protect the guitar even more.

You can redeem the JOYO Jam Buddy 2-in-1 amplifier for $615 (original price: $645)

Since the electric guitar cannot make a sound alone, it must be connected to an amplifier (AMP) to make a sound. It is recommended to add a small Jam Buddy amplifier to facilitate practice at home.

JOYO Jam Buddy is a new generation of Bluetooth electric guitar effects with AMP. It uses a rechargeable lithium battery and comes with a Bluetooth receiver. In addition to the clean tone, there are two types of sound breaks and delay effects that can be set detailly. Built-in two 4W speakers, so it can replace speakers, Overdrive pedal, delay effect and music speakers.

Compared with the general AMP, it is smaller in size and convenient to carry and store. It is the all-in-one choice for the combination of guitar effect and AMP. It is very popular!

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