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YouTube 獨家驚喜優惠課程

YouTube 獨家驚喜優惠課程

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YouTube 獨家驚喜優惠課程

Parkland Music provides professional popular piano courses, children's piano courses, international examination courses, etc., suitable for anyone who is interested in learning piano. Whether you are a child or an adult learning piano, you can find a suitable course at this piano store. Our popular piano courses are all taught by famous piano teachers and are outstanding among the piano teaching classes in Hong Kong.

Just enter the Discount Code provided below the YouTube video to purchase this course for $2380!

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Discount course materials
  • The course includes 4 30-minute beginner lessons, and comes with an additional Studio Vibe 88-key electronic keyboard
Studio Vibe Electronic Keyboard

A musical instrument brand designed in the UK, with an imitation ivory texture and thickened keys, imitating the gravity of the keys on a digital piano. It feels like a digital piano, and it can also sense the strength of playing, making natural changes in loud and soft sounds, allowing players to have better control over the volume and touch!

Learn more about Studio Vibe 88-key electronic keyboard:

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-This discount is applicable to first-time applicants
-Every Monday to Tuesday class
-This discount cannot be exchanged for cash or Other products
-This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other offers
-In case of any dispute, Parkland Music Limited reserves the right to make the final decision

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